Ravens owner learned early on to trust football guys


One of the reasons the Ravens have emerged as one of the, if not the league’s most stable franchise, is that the owner has learned when to take a step back.

For Steve Bisciotti, that lesson came early in his tenure.

Bisciotti said he learned to trust general manager Ozzie Newsome after they initially disagreed about a 2002 first round draft pick.

“The top two guys left on the board were Lito Sheppard and Ed Reed,” Bisciotti said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “We had Ed Reed above Lito and I said to Ozzie, ‘I don’t understand this. If they both have the same grade, why would you not take a corner over a safety? It seems like that’s a more important position.’

“Ozzie said, ‘Because I am true to my board.’”

Sheppard, of course, is out of the league, while Reed might be one of the best safeties to ever play the game.

“I kind of learned from that point on that I better not engage too much and try and alter their decision-making, or else we would have had Lito,” Bisciotti said.

That dedication to the process is part of the reason Newsome is so good at his job, and Bisciotti’s willingness to yield to his personnel man speaks to the enviornment he has created.

22 responses to “Ravens owner learned early on to trust football guys

  1. Are you listening, Jerry Jones? Are you listening, Mike Brown?

    I remember an interview with the late Art Rooney years ago. He was asked how the Steelers went from nearly 40 years as a perpetual doormat to Chuck Noll’s dominant team of the 1970s. He said, “We finally learned to hire some good football people and get out of the way. And it only took us 35 years to do it.”

  2. Funny how Bisciotti figured that out, and the Ravens are a perennial contender, whereas Jerry Jones hasn’t figured that out, and the Cowboys have one precisely one playoff game since 1996. Not what I would call a coincidence.

  3. Best owner in the league. Ozzie’s not perfect but he has proven to be damn close over the past 16 years. It’s best to let him and his guys do their thing.

  4. Very simple here, Ozzie is a football guy and evaluates talent, while Biscotti writes the checks, if he stays in his roll things work out just right.

  5. Jerry Jones doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Why would he even give up decision making powers?

    Dallas Cowboys took Roy Williams, S, with the 8th overall pick.

    (I get that hindsight is 20/20, but still)

  6. Of course, this approach doesn’t work unless the owner has first selected good football guys.

    Dan Snyder, looking at you.

  7. I remember when the Ravens signed Jacoby Jones and the blasphemous coments that followed here at PFT. Hilarious! Ozzie uIs the man.

  8. if only Dan Synder could have learned early on, we probably wouldn’t have been perrenial losers for the last decade.

  9. I’m realizing my comment comes off that I’m supporting Jerry and his decision making. I was attempting to sarcastically poke fun at the Roy Williams pick, but failed to transmit that via my comment.

  10. obviously they’ve done something right. SB champs and at least one playoff win for the last however many years.

    Lito Sheppard had a good career though….not fair to compare him to a first ballot HOFer.

  11. That is why the Free Agents flock to Baltimore. It is a compliment when Ozzie comes calling. So the Ravens will lose some Free Agents that leave for money (McLain, Grubbs, Jason Smith), but we will pick up some diamonds in the rough that want to win GOLD.

  12. In the coming weeks there’ll be some beloved veterans let go and not signed to get the cap numbers straight but the Ravens will stay competitive for years to come. That was Mr. B’s promise; to stay competitive over the long haul. Ozzie, Dick Cass, Eric Decosta and Harbs do the heavy lifting…Bisciotti signs the checks and lets his people do their jobs. Best damn owner in Football!

  13. Please you won a Super Bowl not found a cure for cancer…..you raven people need to pinch yourself and say we won a football game and nothing more…you are just one Joe Flacco injury from you have always been runners up….sigh

  14. You wouldn’t override a specialist like a brain surgeon and say “no, this is how it’s going to be done”, so why hasn’t Jerry learned to trust people whose specialty is football?

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