Bubba Paris charged with failing to file tax returns

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Steve Martin once suggested this defense to a failure to pay taxes:  I forgot.

Though it’s unclear whether former 49ers tackle Bubba Paris will try to advance that excuse, Paris is accused of failing to file tax returns.

Paris, a left tackle who won three Super Bowl in San Fran, allegedly failed to file tax returns in 2006, 2007, and 2008, according to the Associated Press.  He allegedly received more than $57,000, more than $83,000 and more than $41,000 in each of those three years.

Paris, 52, spent eight seasons with the 49ers, from 1983 through 1990.  He then played in 1991 for the Colts and the Lions.

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  1. I’m curious where a 52 year old former football player who doesn’t really have household name recognition earns $83,000 in a year.

    That’s not snark or anything, I really would like to know. Wiki says he’s a motivational speaker but, again, without being a household name how does he make that much? Is it mostly investment income?

  2. From Richard Pryor’s great routine, “Just Us” (“You go down to the courthouse seeking justice, that’s what you’ll find–just us”)–

    “The judge asked me why I didn’t file my taxes. I said, “Your Honor, I forgot.” Judge say, “You’ll remember next year, n****r.””

    (I hated typing that word, even with the ****)

    Sorry, but there’s no excuse for not filing. Even if you owe, the IRS is often surprisingly willing to work out a plan, even reduce the amount owed, in order to get their money. Doing some rough calculations on the numbers in the article, I get a MAXIMUM federal tax for the three years combined of just over $28,100 (before penalties and interest). This assumes no other dependents, single filing status, and the standard deduction, and doesn’t include state taxes or account for any withholding. For the IRS to take you to court for that “little”, he must have had some bad representation and a worse mouth and attitude.

  3. While Bubba Paris may not be a “household”name,he was a well known player on some great teams.Players like this are very well known in their hometown areas as well as alumni of their colleges. Everyone doesn’t have to be MJ to make a living at being themselves….As for being relevant, comments along these lines are simply asinine. If you aren’t interested,don’t read it.The past is today,come tomorrow .Grow up.

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