ProFootballTalk: Will Seattle cut Flynn loose?

Signed to a three-year deal, the Seahawks have a decision to make regarding QB Matt Flynn. Do they keep, trade or release the $19.5 million man?

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will Seattle cut Flynn loose?

  1. Flynn will count $7M against the cap this year, if they cut/trade him, it will still count $4M against the cap this year (the remaining bonus). If they were to replace him with a veteran backup, it would likely cost $3-4M against the cap. If math wasn’t your best subject, the conclusions is they save very little in cap space to downgrade him with another veteran unless they replace him with a draft pick. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t trade him if some team met their asking price but they aren’t going to cut him just to cut him.

  2. Thank you! This site has so many terrible posts but belgaron is exactly right. If you aren’t going to get significan financial benefits from cutting or trading him why wouldnt you keep him in the qb room?

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