Steelers, James Harrison haven’t talked contract yet


As mentioned in Friday’s one-liners, Steelers linebacker James Harrison has a new hobby.

He’s joined a dodgeball team to fill some of the downtime he’s had on his hands since the end of the regular season. Harrison’s agent might be joining him on the team. Bill Parise doesn’t have much to do right now either because he and the Steelers have yet to have any discussions about Harrison’s contract for the 2013 season.

“There is nothing going on,” Parise said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “(If there’s anything) it will be down the road.”

There’s wide expectation that there will be something involving Harrison’s contract, which is set to pay him $6.57 million in 2013 and $7.575 million in 2014. Parise said earlier this week that he doesn’t think the 35-year-old should have to take a pay cut, although a restructuring of the deal is a possibility. Doing that would give the Steelers some cap space, but so would cutting him outright and a release wouldn’t extend their financial commitment to Harrison beyond this season.

Whatever they do, talks about it shouldn’t be too far away. The Steelers and the 31 other teams have to be in compliance with the cap at 4 p.m. on March 12, which means the clock will only start ticking louder.

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  1. His agent isn’t going to come out and say “sure he’d love to take a pay cut”. He will take a cut and stay for 1 more year. Cue the “Steelers defense is old” garbage even though it was still the #1 ranked unit in the NFL.

  2. The earlier report quoted Parise as saying Harrison won’t take a pay cut. This report has Parise saying he doesn’t think Harrison should take a pay cut.

    Which is it? or should we just wait to see what Harrison says?

  3. Thank you for the greatest play in SB history, but you were worth about $2M last year, and I doubt much has changed.

  4. Whatever happens with James, his career should be celebrated. To have the discipline and will to fight for so long to become a star player is inspiring. Not to mention that he had a 5 year run of greatness that matches almost any defensive player in NFL history.

  5. “…he had a 5 year run of greatness that matches almost any defensive player in NFL history.”

    OK, let’s not get crazy here. Not sure if even top 5 all-time Steelers linebacker.

  6. Who’s James Harrison, did he even play last year

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    Come on dude he was on your condo’s softball team don’t you remember your mom like him best.

  7. It just goes to show how insecure ravenator is when you can look at stories about the Ravens and he doesnt comment, but every story about the Steelers he does. I think he is in the closet on being a Steelers fan (and other ways too!!)

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