Official Jackson numbers left out signing bonus, incentives

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Earlier in the hour, we passed along the details of the contract signed by quarterback Tarvaris Jackson in Buffalo.

The numbers, as it turns out, are incomplete.  Because, as we’ve confirmed, someone (we’re not sure who at this point) failed to properly record the terms of the deal when the contract was processed.

As officially recorded, it’s a one-year, $1.75 million deal with no guaranteed money or incentives.  In reality, the deal includes a $500,000 signing bonus (which already has been paid) and incentives that could earn Jackson another $2.25 million, if he takes 65 percent of the snaps on offense.

More specifically, Jackson will get an extra $500,000 if he takes half of the snaps in 2013.  He’ll get an additional $750,000 if he takes 60 percent of the snaps.  And he’ll pick up another $1 million if he takes 65 percent of the snaps.

In all, it’s a $2.25 million package with $2.25 million in available incentives.  The guarantee is $500,000.

While the assessment of the overall quality of the deal falls firmly in the category of topics on which reasonable minds may differ, the real deal is much better than the deal that was originally recorded.

12 responses to “Official Jackson numbers left out signing bonus, incentives

  1. Seeing the actual numbers makes me think that the Coaches don’t expect Jackson to make it out of training camp. Like they put him up for a couple of months to have that extra QB to throw to the second and third string guys. I originally thought he had a good chance to unseat Fitzpatrick, until seeing these numbers. If the Coaches actually thought he could start, he’d have a much bigger incentive to play for. His incentives are too low to drive him to want to start. I guess it will be either Fitzpatrick or the Rookie they draft.

  2. A forever journey man who has no real shot at starting. Tough as a rail road tie, but a below average to flat out bad QB.

  3. Does anyone know why these contract terms are a made public since the NFL is a private entity? Just curious. I like my privacy and I am sure the players do too? I wouldn’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry in my millions.

  4. “Per a source with knowledge” in the last PFT article said the signing bonus was $450K and now PFT is reporting in this article it’s $500K. Maybe you should get the facts straight before you actually post the article. Ever think of that?

  5. Fitzpatrick’s cap number was the 18th highest for QB’s in the league; his QB rating was 17th. His TD % went up, his INT % went down, from last season. I don’t know where this perception is that the Bills somehow botched that contract. They got exactly what they paid for.

    Same thing with Tarvaris: they paid for a backup, and that’s what they got.

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