Freeman’s new agents plan to meet with Bucs

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As Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman embarks on the final year of his rookie contract, his new representation team’s first goal will be to meet with the organization in the hopes of clearing the air on Freeman’s long-term status.

Ron Freeman, a certified NFLPA agent and Josh’s father, will continue to appear on the Standard Representation Agreement.  Joining Ron Freeman will be Jeff Nalley and Erik Burkhardt of Select Sports Group.

Nalley and Burkhardt replace Ken “Fuzzy” Kremer of CAA, who retired in 2012.

Recently, rumors and reports and speculation have circulated regarding the question of whether Freeman will remain with the team beyond the coming season.  Coach Greg Schiano said this week at the Scouting Combine that Freeman “is our quarterback.”

The question is for how long?

4 responses to “Freeman’s new agents plan to meet with Bucs

  1. Greg Schiano said this week at the Scouting Combine that Freeman “is our quarterback.”

    He is their QB until they draft one. No lying there.

  2. Not a good idea IMO to have a relative, especially a close one, representing you (“My Cousin Vinny” aside :D). Similar reasons to not being a good idea to lend a relative money.

  3. Tampa,
    You have a chance to resign a qb for cheap. He’s not the best, not the worst either. While you’re saving money on a qb, you can solidify the rest of your roster. The next thing you know, you’re winning games because of defense, special teams, and a good ground game. Then hopefully by then your qb has truly developed, or a situation has presented itself to you for an upgrade at qb. Then your team will be solid all the way around and you will be a force.
    Signed 49ers and Seahawks

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