Jacoby Jones will dance with the stars


Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones won a Super Bowl and arguably should have been named the MVP of the game.  For his encore, he’ll join the cast of Dancing With The Stars.

The announcement was made in a commercial break during the Academy Awards of the Oscars or whatever in the hell they want us to call it now.

Jones and the rest of the cast for the upcoming tournament will be announced on Tuesday.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Ravens react to the situation.  If Jones is successful, he’ll miss a big chunk of the offseason program — which could make the Ravens at least consider dumping his $3 million salary, if they don’t like the idea of Jones missing “voluntary” offseason work.

Last year, Giants receiver Victor Cruz opted not to join Dancing With The Stars in order to avoid any distractions from football.  And then he said “yes” to pretty much every other off-field opportunity.

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  1. This is easily the highest profile NFL signing for a network since that one guy who was the third string QB for the Giants ten years ago was on that show about someone looking for a wife….

    You know who I mean…the guy who wasn’t the brother of the fat kid from Stand By Me. But the same show, just different seasons.

    But anyway, way to score more household names there Dancing with the “Stars”.

  2. Nice that he was able to have such a stellar game in his hometown, New Orleans, La. He and other New Orleans native Ed Reed were honored by riding in a Mardi Gras parade this year.

  3. “Arguably” should have been named MVP? Geez, the way Jones turned Flacco’s underthrown stink bombs into TDs, Flacco should hand over half of his new contract to Jones.

    And and not to mention how THREE times Jones had to run back kicks for TDs this year, or Flacco flops… make that three-fourths of his contract Flacco should be handing over.

  4. I was at the SB. The ball was underthrown because Flacco was on the run escaping from the pressure. That’s what good QBs do. Hell of a move by Jones to get up and juke/spin/outrun both defenders to get into the endzone though.

  5. I wasnt a fan of the signing of Jacoby when it happened but he has grown on me. He is a playmaker but he is also a character. He’s just fun to watch.

  6. I try so hard to completely ignore that stupid show, and they keep putting football players on it, and then I have to hear about it against my will.

  7. There definitely aren’t enough raven fans to make it the number one watched show. Besides that’s what flopping shows do they try to sign big names for their ratings, it won’t make a difference he is not that big of a name anyway.

  8. Ah more raven haters. What else is new. Congrats to Jacoby, I will be cheering you on and if eliminated, I will stop watching all together. World Champs deserve your attention. Hate on haters.

  9. Ravens won’t dump JJ because he misses part of the offseason. That’s a ridiculous attempt to make a story out of nothing in the minutes it took you to see the commercial, run in your footed PJs to your computer to write this out.

    He has been invaluable as a deep threat and kick returner. If anything Ravens probably like this move. It helps to market the Ravens brand.

  10. @j4man1,

    Thanks for the riveting analysis, I could never figure out why TV shows sign big names. I heard they’re now putting gum/candy by the checkout lines, can you please comment on that development.

  11. I don’t think there’s a show on television that is more offensive to intelligence and rational thought than Dancing with the Stars. Even though I’m a Ravens fan and love Jacoby Jones, I still won’t tune in.

  12. The dude can dance! Typically I think it is kinda lame when players celebrate after scoring…but when you make a big play and score I am all for the dancing! His two dynamic TDs in the super bowl were well worthy of a celebratory dance!

  13. Big mistake son!

    This is a curse!

    Look at the ensuing seasons of Jason Taylor, Chad Johnson, Hines Ward, and Donald Driver after they did DWTS.

    They were worse after the show and Jones will be too.

    Madden Curse?

    This is WAY worse!

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