Tavon Austin, Marquise Goodwin run blistering 40 times


West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin proclaimed himself the best player in this year’s draft. He’s also one of the fastest players ever to enter any NFL draft.

But he’s not necessarily the fastest player in this draft.

Austin ran a 40-yard dash in an unofficial time of 4.25 seconds. If that holds up when all of the official times come in, it will be the second-fastest in the history of the NFL Scouting Combine, second only to Chris Johnson’s 4.24.

Except that just a couple minutes after Austin turned in his 40 time, Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin equaled it with a 4.25-second 40-yard dash of his own. Goodwin, who was in the Olympics last year as a long jumper, said before the Combine that he thought he could break Johnson’s record.

The NFL releases the official times after all of the receivers have run their 40-yard dashes. Austin and Goodwin will prove to be among the fastest ever to run in Indianapolis.

28 responses to “Tavon Austin, Marquise Goodwin run blistering 40 times

  1. if Al Davis was still alive the Raiders would trade their entire draft for these two guys… with no QB top throw it to them Haha

  2. I wish they would have broken the record. Now I’m sure we will have to listen to the incoherent babble of one Chris Johnson talk about how he is so fast. If we can understand him, or if he makes any sense at all. Both are unlikely.

  3. I’m happy for them. When they’re out of the league in two years they might be able to make some money running track.

  4. Speed is a great thing-after all you cannot teach it. The problem with a lot of these speed guy though is that when the speed slips a little, they have nothing more to lean on ala CJ2K. Would also be more interesting to see these guys have to run in more of a football setting-pads and possibly a moving target or something like that.

  5. Probably like the “4.65” run by Armstead that was actually a 4.71…still very fast but a HUGE difference.

    I think these 4.2 “somethings” will be in the same category.

  6. Fastest time also using an electronic timer is Melendez’s (first time it was used at the combine).

    4.24 – Rondel Melendez, (WR), Eastern Kentucky – 1999

  7. “if Al Davis was still alive the Raiders would trade their entire draft for these two guys… with no QB top throw it to them Haha” just another Raider hater…The Raiders drafted Juron Criner in the 5th round last year, he ran
    a 4.8 Forty….Looks like they draft talent too…

  8. speed is great but it is not the only thing if you look at the best wr’s to ever play the game few were the fastest. you need to be able to catch and more importantly make plays.again speed is great but speed alone is not enough to make it in the nfl

  9. Jackleon they will not both get Adidas contracts it comes down to who has the faster 4.25 time if that makes sense they do a side by side video view to see who was a hair faster

  10. You can’t teach speed… Or hands, so I’d take Tavon. He’s more polished and less risk to be a one trick pony…. Cough Desean Jackson…. Cough T-Rex hands Troy Williamson.

  11. Vikings could sure use some fire power to help Ponder out. Gotta keep Percy and hope to snatch up one of these guys with AP to boot. Let’s Play!!!

  12. Coming from a Redskins Fan. DARRELL GREEN ran a 4.09 and 4.125 although both are unofficial and poorly documented . In Darrell Green’s defense he’s the only person ever to go undefeated in the NFL’s fastest man competition, he won it 4 times. The competition though took place only at the pro bowl and between players that had made it to the pro bowl so not all of the fastest players in the NFL were represented. HTTR

  13. Vikings won’t draft either Austin. They just drafted Wright last year, who is a slot receiver who’s shown some promising play. They’ll draft DL, WR, or LB with their first round pick in my opinion.

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