John Mara’s nephew charged with felony assault

John Mara, the 22-year-old nephew of Giants co-owner John Mara, has been charged with felony assault, according to the Associated Press.

Arrested on Friday, the younger Mara allegedly hit another person in the head with a bottle on New Year’s Eve.  The victim reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries, which required immediate surgery.

The incident happened in a neighborhood where many Fairfield University students reside.  Mara is a student there.

We’re confident a jury will find him not guilty,” lawyer William Dow told the AP.

We were on the fence about whether to post a blurb on this story, but once the AP deemed it worthy of the national wire, we decided to mention it and move on.  Others opted for headlines claiming that the younger Mara “nearly beat [a] man to death.”

Still, it makes sense to point out that the defendant is Giant’s co-owner John Mara’s nephew named John Mara and not Giants co-owner John Mara’s son, who is also named John Mara.