Knile Davis shows an impressive blend of size, strength, speed


If it’s possible for a player coming off an unimpressive final season of college football to change perceptions of himself with a few good days at the Scouting Combine, then former Arkansas running back Knile Davis has done it.

Davis, who ran for just 377 yards in a disappointing 2012 season, had an outstanding couple of days at the Scouting Combine. Davis was both the second-fastest running back, with a 40-yard dash officially timed at 4.37 seconds, and the second-strongest running back, with 31 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press.

At 227 pounds, Davis is much bigger than most running backs who can break 4.45 seconds in the 40. In fact, the only other running back who was faster than 4.45 seconds this year was Auburn’s Onterio McCalebb, who weighed in at just 168 pounds. has had some success predicting a running back’s future success using a formula incorporating his weight and 40 time to determine something called the Speed Score, and Davis had by far the best Speed Score of any running back this year. (McCalebb is so light that he actually comes in below average on the formula, despite his impressive 40 time.)

Davis said he believes he’s the same kind of player as two of the best running backs in the league.

I think the thing that sets me apart is the size, speed, agility combination,” Davis said. “I think that is a rare combination that you just don’t find every year. The guy I really compare myself would be more of an Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson. Arian Foster with the zone running. I’m really good at running the zone and just the size and speed of Adrian Peterson.”

That comparison may be a bit over the top. But Davis definitely has turned some heads in the last few days.

14 responses to “Knile Davis shows an impressive blend of size, strength, speed

  1. Davis was terrible at Arkansas last year, as in they-need-to-STOP-giving-him-the-ball terrible.

    But he was a superb talent before he blew out his knee ligaments in 2011. Given that his workouts are being universally lauded, I’m inclined to think he just came back too soon.

    Knile Davis is a warrior. I’ll be pulling for him.

  2. This guys is intriguing…

    I literally have no idea what to think of any of these kids from Arkansas this year. Most of them have to at least be in between the 2011 and 2012 seasons right?

  3. Same situation as Tyler Wilson. Both screwed by Petrino’s antics. Both better than they showed this past year. I expect Wilson and Davis will play better than expected when the season starts. As a Bucs fan, if the Bucs draft Tyler Wilson in the third round to push Freeman I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Tyler Wilson did such a good job in 2009; when he played LSU and got punched in the mouth over and over, he’d would pop right back up and give it his all. Tough as nails. Knile Davis looked like a super star in 2008. I think their heads have been screwed with due to injuries and drama, and if both can get back to good coaching in a good environment, they have the tools to succeed.

  5. You have to wonder if returning from a major knee injury played a part in his disappointing season, and he is now getting healthy again and showing his true ability. On top of that, Arkansas was a hot mess last season with everything going on. He was a very good player before he was injured, and if he is returning to that form now some team will be able to draft a nice asset.

  6. anyone remember Chris Williams from Arizona? 2nd round pick in 2007 for the Titans after running a 4.4 flat at 5’11 236?

    no one remembers him?


  7. If a back that size and that speed is sitting around in the third round, you kind of have to get him into camp unless you are 100% sure you have a starter and depth.

  8. With such an “impressive blend of size, strength and speed” this explains why he ripped off a whopping 62 total yards rushing against the mighty Warhawks of UL-Monroe.

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