Report: Cardinals interested in trading for Alex Smith

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The 49ers are looking to trade quarterback Alex Smith.  The Cardinals are looking for a quarterback.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals are interested in Alex Smith.

At first blush, the Niners shouldn’t want to send Smith to another team in the division.  But the Eagles did it with quarterback Donovan McNabb three years ago, and the Patriots did it with quarterback Drew Bledsoe 11 years ago.

Still, the Packers dreaded the possibility of Brett Favre landing in the division — a year before he did.

For the 49ers, it makes sense to send him out of the division, if the offers are roughly equal.  That’s ultimately the question:  Will the Cardinals offer more than a non-NFC West team and, if so, how much more?

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  1. They should in a hart beat. If I was the Cards I would be extremely worried about a team willing to trade a QB in division.

    This is going to be Matt Cassel 2.0 and maybe worse. In a cushy limited offense Smith looked okay(and only okay), like Cassel. Take him away from that OL, running game, defense and most importantly Harbaugh and he will be the same old Alex Smith that stunk up the league year after year.

    Cards would be better off saving their money and draft capital and rolling with Kolb again. Not saying they will do well but it won’t be any better with Alex Smith. I still can’t believe we are talking about Alex Smith like this.

    A year ago anyone could have had him and didn’t want him and now people think his skills really have improved?? Get real he just happened upon maybe the cushiest QB job in the league. He is still Alex Smith.

  2. Yesterday you said it was a done deal, then it wasn’t, now the Cardinals are interested. Your reports are ridiculous. Its not up to Alex. He doesn’t have a no trade clause. I highly doubt they send him to a division rival. They’ll end up trading him, just not to a division rival. The Niners aren’t going to pay $8 million and some change when they can get maybe a 2nd rounder for him. Personally I’d like to see him go to the Vikes for Harvin but that aint gonna happen. Best of luck, Alex. Go Niners!

  3. I definitely wouldn’t trade him within the division. He is just starting to fulfill his potential, whereas those other QB’s were all past their prime especially McNabb.

  4. why any team would give up picks for him when they will have to release him is beyond me. do you really think the 49er’s are going to pay him 8 million to hold a clipboard? and after what they did to him why would he agree to take a pay cut to help them? who is to say the team that wants him won’t pay him the same or even more if they are desperate like the cardinals.

  5. Arizona will have to give the Niners something significantly better than what the Chiefs would offer because they know Niners will have to see it worth trading to division rival. And I think the Niners are leveraging that against the Chiefs and vice-versa. Niners are in good position.

  6. Why, kolb never had a chance behind that line. He is capable of winning no more or less than Alex smith. Keep him , get the middle of the line settled then consider another option after this season if he is bad, which he isn’t .

  7. Considering Alex has been a good “sport” since his concussion, the least they can do is trade him to a team that is actually interested in him, even if its in the division. And if they don’t they’ll end up releasing him and they already know the Cards would make a play, so just let him go and get something back for him.

  8. I think Smith is better off getting out of the NFC West. That’s going to be a tough division for the foreseeable future. And although there will be a revenge factor against the 49ers for Smith if he goes to the Cardinals, the 49ers and the Seahawks have two of the best defenses in the NFL, and the Rams aren’t bad.

    So the AFC West and the Chiefs would be a better option for Smith if it’s available. However, if the the Cardinals offer is significantly better than any other, then the 49ers have to take it. If it’s close, then send him out of the division.

  9. I don’t think Alex Smith would be able to handle having a legitimate WR for the first time in his career. It would be sensory overload.

  10. “But i thought the 49ers already had a deal in place and all agreed upon. wink wink”

    Latest I heard was a team gave the 49ers an offer they like and would have taken if trades were allowed already. But since there is still another 2 weeks until any trading can be done and anything can happen in 2 weeks it gives teams like Arizona a chance to ask about what it would take to outbid the other team.

  11. why not trade for matt flynn in seattle, he would probably be a better fit for BA offense than alex Smith,

  12. I have no problem trading Smith within the division. I don’t see how he would make the Cardinals demonstrably better than the 49ers, or even a threat really. They have a terrible offensive line, no RB and only one wide receiver. They’d be getting the 2005-2010 Alex Smith. The Seahawks continue to be the biggest threat to the 49ers within the division.

  13. The 49ers will get a sweet deal for Smith wherever he goes– but possibly the fattest deal if they go within the division.

    Either way, the rich get richer.

  14. Oh ur interested Arizona. Glad to know lol headlines should read we need u Alex smith pls help lol. I think it was the coaching in zona glad they made the change. Trade for him and call it a good day.

  15. I think Smith may be the answer for the Ravens. He’s a better, more accurate passer and would cost 4-5 times less to sign long term.
    I don’t know if you can apply the franchise tag and trade him or not, but if it’s possible, trade some picks for Smith, than trade Flacco for a few first round picks while under the tag

  16. Who makes the decisions in this organization? They need to be fired ASAP. This isnt Madden 2013. You need continuity within your organization and firing coaches and getting suckered into trading away your draft picks for franchise QBs every other year is not helping.

    Someone needs to be fired ASAP.

  17. There are several teams lining up because the qb is the most important player on the field. Alex has been a starter from day one and has a significant body of work. Name another qb that has his resume that is on the block ? The 49ers are in the cat bird seat because
    Colin is dirt cheap right now. They don’t have to release Smith like many have stated. If a deal is presented that makes sense the deal will be completed or the 49ers simply keep Alex and trade him later. He is money in the bank because this class of current college prospects appears weak.. at best. The prospect of a trade later ,with better terms ,is a very good possibility.

  18. All these idiots who keep saying Smith is garbage because of 2005 – 2010 are dead wrong. Justin Smith, Vernon Davis, Joe Staley, Patrick Willis and Dashon Goldson were on most of those teams too. Are they garbage?

  19. Harbaugh likes Alex so much that he’s going to trade hime to Arizona where he’ll get his head ripped off twice a year by Aldon Smith and Justin Smith…..but he’s still our guy!

  20. 1 good year, not great year, good year and you’re comparing his departure to Favre, McNabb, and bledsoe? Are you kidding me? This is Alex Smith we’re talking about. The same guy that sucked hard even against division rivals that were the JV squads of the nfl for the past 6 years.

  21. You guys and your “Alex Smith sucks”! He just led the team to the NFC championship game (would have been the Super Bowl if not for a few terrible mistakes by teammates) and then was the highest-rated passer in the league up to the point he was benched this season. That’s all! Anyone who saw how clutch he was in that playoff game last season against the Saints knows he doesn’t “suck”. Sheesh.

    I have a feeling both sides will be the poorer for them offloading Smith. Once the rest of the league settles down and figures out Kaepernick (and they will, and soon), the team will miss having such a dependable, accurate QB like Smith. And he’s going to miss having such a well-rounded team around him.

    Harbaugh’s plan this year was an all-in on the unknown quantity. He made a dazzling move that he knew would disorient the league and get him to the postseason before anyone started figuring it out. Well, his surprise move didn’t quite win it all, and now it’s their long-term plan, and it’s going to be less surprising to everyone as time passes. They’re an excellent team, but the road ahead for them is harder than most people think.

  22. I’ve never understood this whole never trade a qb you feel isn’t good enough to another team in your division. Wouldn’t that be the best place to send him, when you know everything about him like the back of your hand?

  23. Im not a Jets fan at all or a big 49ers fan by all means but what about a D Revis A Smith trade straight up be? Both teams would favor out of this i think. Obviously Sanchez sucks ass from what he did last year. Just a though!!!

  24. The only way AZ get smith is if they give up their 1st round pick.. otherwise niners rather send him to KC for a 3rd rounder..

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