Breaston visiting Browns Wednesday and Steelers Thursday


Wide receiver Steve Breaston’s tour of the AFC North starts on Wednesday with a visit to Cleveland.

Breaston will meet with the Browns on Wednesday and, per Mike Garafolo of the USA Today, will move onto the Steelers Thursday. Since he was released by the Chiefs, Breaston is free to sign a contract with another team at any time.

That could mean he doesn’t make it to his meeting with the Steelers, but that seems unlikely. With Mike Wallace apparently on the way out in Pittsburgh and Breaston’s old Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley calling the shots on offense for the Steelers, that’s probably an appealing enough landing spot for Breaston to wait out any Browns entreaties. His agent has met with Pittsburgh, so he likely has some idea of what they’re offering.

You probably can’t rule anything out, though. There’s been noise about the Browns, now owned by former Steelers minority owner Jimmy Haslam, making plays for free agents from other teams in the division this offseason. Beating the Steelers for Breaton’s services would add a little more intrigue to those potential battles with the start of free agency fast approaching.

Breaston has also reportedly drawn interest from the Cowboys, Titans and Lions, although no meetings are known to be scheduled with any of those clubs.

10 responses to “Breaston visiting Browns Wednesday and Steelers Thursday

  1. Choosing between the Steelers and Browns is like choosing between Kate Upton and Rosie O’Donnell. Sure, Jimmy Haslam, I’d love to come to play for the worst organization in sports!

  2. Breaston to Steelers, he was always a Steelers fan. He would not play for the Brown stains.

    Wallace to Miami.

    Cleveland should go all out for Flacco. If they had any brains.

  3. As a Chiefs fan, i still don’t know what the heck happened with this guy! He should have been playing last year, and definitely should have been kept with the new regime!

  4. Always liked Breasty. Liked rooting for him anyway. “Way to go, Breasty”, “Good try, Breasty”, “Get em next time, Breasty”. It rolls right off the tongue.

    Try it:

    “Here we go, Breasty!”


  5. Breaston wont be a replacement for Wallace- he wouldnt become a take-the-top-of-the-D WR for Pitt.

    But he’s a quality route runner that can get open in zones- the type Ben loves. It should work out.

    Wallace will be replace in the draft- this WR class is one of the deepest in years. Colbert knows what he’s doing.

  6. Jesus ravenator, obsess over the Steelers much?

    For such a “weak third place powder puff team”, you sure do spend an awful lot of time trolling on even the most minor Steelers news on PFT.

    You would think that the Ravens winning the superbowl allowed you get over the pain you have in losing twice in the playoffs to the Steelers, but I guess not.

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