Eric Winston excited about arrival of Alex Smith


Last year, Chiefs tackle Eric Winston called out Chiefs fans who cheered an injury suffered by quarterback Matt Cassel.  Now, Winston is rolling out the red carpet for Cassel’s replacement.

“I know I’m going to do everything I can to help him,” Winston told USA Today on Wednesday after news broke of the Chiefs’ trade for Alex Smith.

“It’s about winning,” Winston said.  “Alex is a guy who’s been there and has what it takes.  Alex can beat you a lot of different ways.  He’s a lot more athletic than people give him credit for.  It’s an exciting time with all the new people coming in.  It was definitely a change of direction the organization felt we needed to go in.”

Winston was careful to point out that he’s not throwing his former quarterback under the proverbial bus.

“I have a friendship with Matt Cassel,” Winston said.  “Obviously, you had the sense they were probably going to go in a different direction just because of the totality of all that’s happened.  But at the same time, you realize it’s going to cost some of your friends their jobs.  Obviously, the organization wanted to bring in new blood. You know that going in.  You know everybody is up for review and that’s just how it is.  For me, it’s personally bittersweet because I believe in Matt.  I think Cassel can get it done.  Maybe it will be a great change for him and he can go somewhere else where he can get a fresh start as well.”

Of course, Winston could be in the same boat as Cassel, when the dust settles.  The former Texan has only one season in Kansas City, and the new regime could decide to go in a different direction at right tackle, too.

7 responses to “Eric Winston excited about arrival of Alex Smith

  1. Eric Winston is a good guy, refreshing to see a player sing praise of the new-guy while also complimenting the guy who’s being replaced.

    Alex Smith has experience and is a professional. He will work well with Andy Reid who has been searching for a true west coast quarterback since his days as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

    Al. Smith might not ever throw for 4,000 but he’ll get it done and not turn the ball over.

  2. Smith is a great teammate, he is good on the field but will be amazing for the locker room. Winston is right to be excited.

  3. The Chiefs already have a good defense and a great RB . Alex Smith isn’t the kind of QB to win games by himself but he’ll never throw a bad pick is a game manager, good trade.

  4. It would really be a bonus if Eric Winston didn’t roll out the red carpet for opposing pass rushers so often.

  5. Eric Winston is refreshing: a exceptional player, supportive teammate and literate!

    As opposed to the illiterate twit who calls himself kwoodc, above. You’re a moron.

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