Greg Olsen restructures contract with Panthers


Panthers tight end Greg Olsen is the latest player to restructure his contract to help his team free up some cap space.

A league source tells PFT that Olsen, who was initially owed a $3.75 million base salary, will now get a $3 million option bonus and a $750,000 base salary. The option bonus will be due between the first and 10th day of the league year, which begins March 12.

The move will save the Panthers $2.4 million on this year’s salary cap.

Olsen, who also restructured his contract to save the Panthers some cap room last year, is coming off a 2012 season in which he started all 16 games and had a career-high 69 catches for a career-high 843 receiving yards.

12 responses to “Greg Olsen restructures contract with Panthers

  1. I liked Greg when he was with the Bears. I was more than excited when the Panthers traded for him. The dude is a stand up guy on and off the field.
    Go Panthers!

  2. I will say this as a Bears fan, Angelo is sooo dumb for trading Olsen away and thinking Kellen Davis could be a suitable replacement. However, with that 3rd round pick we were able to get BMarsh15 sooo ill take it all day long.

  3. The bears are now looking for a TE, so I can see why this disappoints their fans. He was not being used well with Martz.

    He is a player.

    Happy for the Panthers who seem to have a GM with some common sense.

  4. The mistakes that Angelo made are enough to fill a book- what a dirtbag. I said every year that he was there that Bears would not get better until he was fired. I was a happy camper to see him go and Emery acquire Marshal. If Angelo would have kept Olson, I would have been happy for Emery to trade this years second and last years third for Marshall- what a moron- Angelo you should be ashamed of yourself…

  5. As Bears fans, you realize that had they not gotten that draft pick for Olsen, they wouldn’t have gotten Brandon Marshall, right?

    I like the guy, but as a Bear, he’d catch the ball and instantly fall down. Still, that’s better than Davis, who will fall down whether he catches it or not. Or whether it’s thrown to him or not.

    Or whether or not he’s even on the field.

  6. Greg has the potential to become the best TE ever to play for the panthers ! Great dude too!

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