Report: Cards cut bait on expensive mistake Stewart Bradley


As big deals get thrown around when free agency begins, remember there’s a flip side to every such transaction.

The Falcons cleared the decks on luxury buys earlier this morning, and the Cardinals have joined the movement.

According to Adiki Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network, the Cards have released linebacker Stewart Bradley.

Bradley signed a five-year, $25 million contract in 2011, but took a significant pay cut last year. He was scheduled to make $5 million this year, and will clear $3.5 million off the books with his release.

It’s a cautionary tale worth keeping in mind when free agency begins in under two weeks. Big names or big numbers do not always equal big production.

15 responses to “Report: Cards cut bait on expensive mistake Stewart Bradley

  1. Should have knowh when Andy Reid let him loose with the Eagles. I was never fond of Andy as a coach but when he released someone they rarely made much of a contribution anywhere else. Bradley was supposed to develop into a star with the Eagles but then he got injured and his career never took off like they thought it was going to.

  2. As an Eagles fan I can tell you Stewart Bradley was neither a big name nor had big numbers when he got that contract. Guy was always hurt and reeeeally dumb.

  3. Really? Bradley wasn’t that good in Philly. He’s solid, but was way too injury prone. Kinda like Kolb.

  4. crying shame. hey stu can you do me a favor and come be one of the backups in Philly so I can rock that 1960 throwback I got of you when I thought you were the next Trotter.

  5. All good signs AZ is going in the right direction under Arians and Keim. It’s been reported AZ is attempting to resign Toler and have interest in Chris Ivory RB. Next up Kolbs restructure salary cap move for FA.

  6. I think everyone in Philly new it was a horrible signing when it happened. We all thought their was a possibility he would return to Philly on a 1 year prove it contract for minimal money. So when he got a 5 year $5 mill per contract you could say we were all more then a little shocked.

  7. Signings like Bradley are why Graves and Whiz were shown the door. He never looked comfortable as a LB in a 3-4 scheme.

  8. This dude was just starting to find his feet in the NFL when he got hurt. By the end of his rookie year, he looked like he could play a little bit.

    And the next season, he was doing the little things right: shedding blocks, pursuing in the right measure, and keeping the play in front of him.

    But he was never the same after the injury in the summer of 2009.

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