ProFootballTalk: On the phone with Terrelle Pryor

Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor joins PFT to discuss the opportunity awaiting for him at Raiders camp, his thoughts on how his skill set fits in Oakland, and much more.

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: On the phone with Terrelle Pryor

  1. OK… Pryor won’t be starting. Under any circumstance.
    Anyone who thinks he will hasn’t seen him throw.
    Or is a delusional nitwit from the IBA Raider blog.

  2. He’s in the NFL and can’t throw a football huh? Hmmmm? Hey no season tix is that because you ran out of paper route money i think your route starts in about 15 minutes, you might want to grab your bike and get going little man! You might have enough saved for the nose bleed seats in the first prr-season game saved up by then!

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