Coughlin: We want Victor Cruz to be a Giant forever

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Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who has gone way out of character with a book tour lasting far longer than Kramer’s coffee-table-book-about-coffee-tables junket, joined Pro Football Talk on Thursday to discuss plenty of stuff relating to his football team.

On one point, Coughlin was unequivocal.”We want Victor Cruz to be a Giant, want him to be a Giant forever,” Coughlin told Erik Kuselias.  “We have to have some patience here, everybody has to understand the circumstance.  Victor is a restricted free agent, so there may be further negotiations to get to the point that both sides want to get to.  We have to show some patience but we all want him to be here and I think he wants to be here.  It’s a great story, he’s a great young man.  It’s a wonderful circumstance that he brings to our team an undrafted player that makes a difference in this team’s performance and helps by virtue of a great year for us to go forth and win Super Bowl XLVI.”

Coughlin said that the team has no frustration at this point.  And there should be none.  The Giants have the leverage; they’ll undoubtedly tender Cruz at the first-round level, with a salary of nearly $2.9 million in exchange for the ability to match any offer made by any other team.  With the restricted free agency market so weak in recent years to support reasonable suspicions of collusion, the Giants likely don’t have serious concerns about losing Cruz.

Especially with the Redskins strapped with $18 million in cap penalties for 2013, to go along with the $18 million in cap penalties imposed in 2012.

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19 responses to “Coughlin: We want Victor Cruz to be a Giant forever

  1. Yeah the Giants want Cruz to be a Giant for life right up to the time he stops producing, then all bets are off. No player in todays NFL will be ever be with a specific team for life.

    And whats the Skins reference for? The days of LiL Danny taking pending FA’s agents out for a steak dinner are over, Florio. Besides, the Skins don’t need Cruz. Garcon is more physical than Cruz, and the Skins WR depth behind Garcon are developing nicely.

    Secondary is what the Skins need most.

  2. Hilarious to remind everyone about the cap penalties.

    Redskins should have went along with everyone else.

  3. That’s what they always say to guys to get them to sign long long contracts where the total money is huge, but in reality so much of it is in the back end, the player may never see it.

    Victor eat now brother, don’t fall for that lifetime BS, they will cut you in 3 years time as a cap casualty without blinking an eye!

  4. Why do you take so many shots at the Redskins, but not at the Cowboys, who share in being penalized for breaking a “rule” that never existed, a move that of course strictly coincidentally benefits The Great Roger Goodell’s BFF, John Mara?

  5. First, I would like to say that I am not a Redskins fan, but it is the offseason and I have nothing better to do than read these articles. Second, I would like to ask how the final sentence of the article has anything to do with the topic. It just seems like an attempt to cause a rise amongst the peanut gallery and increase the number of comments on the article. The only reason I point this out is because I wanted to read comments relating primarily to the topic at hand. By adding something like that at the end of the article, you just detract from what was otherwise a superb article.

    I do hope he lands a longterm contract though, the guy deserves it.

  6. I think the Skins reference is in there because they could use a premier WR. RGIII has made Garcon and Moss look better than they really are. Still, as good as Cruz is, I don’t think any team would pony up a 1st round pick to get him.

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