Dolphins dismiss poll that opposes public money for stadium improvements

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Voters in South Florida possibly will decide whether public money will be used to renovate and improve SunLife Stadium.

A poll of 1,000 of those voters has not led to a good outcome for the NFL team that plays there.  And, predictably, the Dolphins aren’t impressed.

Via the Miami Herald, team president Mike Dee issued a statement attacking the poll that revealed 73 percent of the likely voters oppose the plan.

“A ginned-up poll paid for by a mystery client that goes out of its way to lead people to a negative position is hardly enough to sway us from our efforts to put this issue in front of voters this spring,” Dee said.  “We believe in the people of Miami Dade County, and trust that the voters can and will see the differences in our project from prior ones.

“The fact that the Dolphins will pay a majority of the costs, and that the rest will be paid by tourists and patrons of the stadium — and never by residents of Miami Dade — along with creating thousands of jobs and millions in economic activity for the people of our community, are powerful facts than this cynical, politically-motivated poll conveniently ignores.

“We know that we have to make our case to the elected leaders and the people of Miami Dade.  It’s a challenge we readily accept and are confident it will end with the voters approving our plans to create more jobs and more opportunity for the people of Miami Dade County.”

Though Dee doesn’t identify the “mystery client” who paid for the poll, former Eagles owner and current Miami resident Norman Bramann has spoken out against the plan, calling it “welfare for a multi-billionaire.”

According to Marc Caputo of the Herald, there’s no evidence to support Dee’s accusation that a so-called “push poll” was used, and that a poll used by the Dolphins was closer to an effort to lay the foundation for the team’s position before asking the money question.  The Dolphins have hired Curtis Anderson to lead the P.R. effort, who helped propel Rick Scott to the office of Governor in Florida.  And Anderson’s slogan is this:  “We measure public opinion.  Then we change it.”

Anderson has more changing to do.  Only 59 percent supported the plan as proposed by the team’s poll.

In the end, only one poll matters.  At a time when citizens have little or no inclination to provide charity to the champagne-and-caviar set, the reality is that, without the leverage that comes from an actual or implied threat to leave, the Dolphins face an uphill battle.

Frankly, it’s unclear than even an actual or implied threat to leave would matter much in Miami, where the Dolphins have become in recent years an afterthought.

26 responses to “Dolphins dismiss poll that opposes public money for stadium improvements

  1. This just shows how this once-proud franchise is so far out of touch. Instead of spending loads of money on PR, billionaire Ross needs to pay for his own asset.

  2. This study has been done. It showed that the communities generally DO NOT fare well with teams when all funding is measured, including medical, police, maintenance, insurance, on and on.

    Funny how each side seems to promote the outcome that helps them…………I would tell the Dolphins to take a hike. They won’t go any place.

  3. Here in Masschusetts, we NEVER provide money to build stadiums for professional sports teams. The New Boston Garden was built by Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs with the state providing ONLY infrastructure –a new MBTA station. ALL of the renovations to Fenway Park were paid for by the Red Sox. Gillette Stadium was entirely paid for by the Kraft family business except for the state widening roads, traffic lights and the like!

    I (we) am completely opposed to providing tax payer money to help build stadiums for professional sports teams. They have enough money to build them on their own!

  4. A ginned up poll by a mystery client is better than a Ginn’ed up first round draft pick by Cam Cameron.

  5. How about The poll in favor of replacing the GM?
    Mr Ross, if you’re going to pay Brian “1 touchdown” Hartline 6.5 million a year, I think you can pay for your own stadium. You obviously have money to burn.

  6. If the Miami-Dade community wants to keep the money coming in by renovating the stadium, so it can host Superbowls and other main events they will do it.

  7. This is yet another “them” tax – which is… ask the voters if someone other than them should pay tax for the stadium. In this case it is tourists and “patrons of the stadium” – and patrons of the stadium doesn’t sound like ticket holders for games, but it’s people attending other events at the stadium. What a ripoff…

  8. The Vikings barely got a new stadium. A stadium by the way, they’ve been trying to get for over a decade. Of which they were consistent playoff contenders during that time, and occasionally Super Bowl contenders. People just don’t like using tax dollars, or paying higher taxes for a football stadium, especially for a team that has been consistently rebuilding since Dan Marino was under center…

  9. All of this because Roger Goodell didn’t like the “fans” getting rained on during the Colt/Bear SB.

    So what does Roger do? Schedules a SB in Jersey in February.

    Just brilliant.

  10. The Dolphins should move to LA, Miami doesn’t support sports teams well and the Marlins proved that pro-sport teams will screw the public if it is to their benefit.

  11. Of course the billionaire dismisses the objections of the peons.

    Servicing his own greed is far more important than, you know, not having to fire teachers, police officers or other not so vital people in his eyes but are under the budget axe these days in every state and city.

  12. I’m glad I live an hour or two away from the closest sports teams. I don’t have to pay for their improvements and new stadiums. I think any elected official that allows a team to pass the buck to tax payers should be impeached.

  13. Ross might want to focus on hiring someone who can actually renovate his team……….then worry about renovating the building they play in. The Dolphins have been a fixer-upper since 1985…..

  14. fuglyflorio says:
    Mar 7, 2013 7:43 AM
    Take money from the poor … transfer it to the very wealthy … and pretend it creates job. Isn’t that how the con works?

    Take money from the wealthy who actually do create the job, throw it down the toilet and pretend it helped a poor person. That’s how it works.

  15. Its never a good idea to use the tax generated revenue to try and build up the community. Dade county is falling apart, the schools blow, certain communities are so violent, the infastructure is in need of constant repair. No need to invest in a better public transportation system. Just use the money on stadium upgrades, what a great idea.

    Ross said he will pay $201 million, well then that is his budget, fix what you can for $201 million of your own money.

  16. The Dolphins can thank the hose job that the city’s baseball team owner pulled on the citizenry there for this poll result, which despite their potestations I’m sure is accurate.

  17. Sounds like people have already been drumming up the move ’em to L.A. jokes. The only problem with that is that the NFL admitted that the L.A. stadium bid was a farce. They just used it to con tax payers to pay for stadiums, like the one in Minnesota which had little public support.

  18. After the major shagging the taxpayers got after the Marlins new stadium debacle that nobody goes to, it’s no surprise the taxpayers are reluctant to cough up any more dough to rebuild the stadium of another floundering(!) south Florida franchise. Ross is not a football guy at all, everyone knows it, and he is not the type of owner people want to support. A better focused owner would get the support of the community, people here do love the Dolphins!

  19. Jeffery “The Joke” Loria ruined it for the dolphins. Nobody is going to approve it not long after what happened last year. When you start putting competitive teams on the field, maybe it will happen. Until then, you can forget it ever happening.

  20. abninf

    “Take money from the wealthy who actually do create the job, throw it down the toilet and pretend it helped a poor person. That’s how it works.”

    Get your shine box son, your master’s boots are muddy.

  21. Ordinary people struggle to put food on the table, save for retirement, save for their kids’ education, etc., while billionaires bribe local officials into supporting stadiums with public funds: despicable.

  22. fuglyflorio says:
    Mar 7, 2013 7:43 AM
    Take money from the poor … transfer it to the very wealthy … and pretend it creates job. Isn’t that how the con works?

    uhhh. they want to use Hotel bed taxes (which can only be used for entertainment purposes, thank FL leg.) to build the stadium. price Mia hotels. aint no poor ppl there. they are doing it for super bowls which put around a billion into the local economy, the nat championship just did similar numbers.

    P.S. to the guy who is arguing moving the team to LA- is a city that has Lost two football franchises, and cant have a baseball season without gang violence? really?

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