Moore gets seven more reps in the bench press

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Last month, Texas A&M linebacker/defensive end Damontre Moore managed a pedestrian 12 reps in the 225-pound bench press at the Scouting Combine.

It was the lowest number for all defensive linemen who worked out at the Combine.

Today, he pumped out seven more, for a new total of 19.  Which would has been third fewest at the Scouting Combine.

Still, as Warren Sapp always says (and we don’t agree with him on a lot of things but we agree on this one), there’s no weight bench on a football field.  If a guy can play, he can play.

In Moore’s case, all we know from today’s bench-press performance is that he increased his output in two weeks by more than 58 percent.

19 responses to “Moore gets seven more reps in the bench press

  1. Not totally impossible, I suppose, if he had a muscle pull that healed or if he’d cut a bunch of weight right before the combine for the weigh-in. But it certainly does make you wonder… Anybody else out there wishing they could see gains in the weight room that quickly?

  2. There may not be a weight bench, but there are alot of very strong offensive lineman who will put you on your keester.

    Brute strength isn’t everything, but I sure would prefer my D-linemen be stronger than my punter.

  3. Shows committment and decication to get better, All I needed to see there, on to the next prospect!

  4. I’ve never understood the Combine’s obsession with the bench press. Short of being on your back at the bottom of a dogpile, I can’t think of a single situation in football that is replicated by the bench press. If you’re a lineman/FB, I want to see the ability to generate force with your legs, as exemplified by the squat or deadlift. If you’re a LB/CB/WR, I want to see that force exerted very quickly, as exemplified by the clean. But the horizontal press? The bench press only exists so that amateur lifters who don’t know any other lifts have something to boast about to their friends.

  5. I can actually bench that 19 times. I’ll be able to claim I am as strong as an NFL defensive lineman in a couple months. 🙂

    Shut up! Give me my moment!

  6. You can be the biggest baddest S.O.B. out there but if your guy gets lower than you your going for a ride.

  7. He is still real young. Plenty of time to lift weights and train when its your job. I see a talented Defensive player.

  8. I think Pierre-Paul did 19 reps and he was 20 pounds heavier than Moore. Damontre has really long arms for his weight, 35″ I think. How come no one getting on Mingo or Jordan or Jones for their bench press? Those guys all did 0.

  9. Tigerhawkeye has it right. Not to mention the all time leaders in the bench press generally don’t make it far in the nfl. A great exercise but doesn’t usually translate to production

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