Saturday morning, and silence prevails

For months, the NFL created the impression that free agency would essentially begin on Saturday the 9th at midnight, with negotiations launching and everything but a signed contract permitted.

On Friday, the league office fired a well-timed fastball at the temple of every team, threatening a tampering investigation if any specific offer becomes an informal agreement, or if the news of an informal agreement is leaked to an agent, a player, or the media.

It’s illogical on its surface.  Like the town in Footloose where it was believed that cutting the rug would lead to cutting the shag, the NFL knows that the dance will result in consummation, but is permitting the former and forbidding the latter.

The end result, intended or otherwise, is that teams have clammed up — and they’ve scared plenty of agents into thinking that deals will be pulled or offers withdrawn if anyone blabs.

But here’s the thing.  The agents hold the keys to the commodity that every team wants.  If enough of them ignore the bluff, the teams won’t be able to retaliate.

The teams are being forceful, we’re told, because of the lingering fumes of the 2012 decision to strip $46 million in cap dollars from the Redskins and the Cowboys.  Intended or otherwise, the teams view the Commissioner as someone who can do whatever he wants, all in the name of whatever he regards as the being in the best interests of the game.

Illogical, nonsensical rules are not in the best interests of the game.

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  1. just for the record im loving the pictures you guys are using on the articles, keep em coming

  2. Yeah, teams probably are taking caution, lest they get multiple suspensions for an offense that is carried out by every team in the league. Ask the Saints, or even the Cowboys and Redskins, who ignored the collusion attempt and signed free agents in good faith in an UNCAPPED YEAR!!!

    Teams (except the Pats, Giants and Steelers — you know, Goodell’s puppeteers) should be scared because no one ever knows where Goodell’s Russian Roulette will end.

  3. Who cares about tampering. Tampering has been going on forever. With all the contact between teams, players, and agents you’d be pretty naive to think it’s not par for the course in free agency. Football is a business, and like any big business, it’s full of crooks and cheats looking to get any advantage they can.

  4. The Redskins weren’t signing free agents in an uncapped year. The redskins were dumping the cap hit of a terrible contract thru a loophole. Enough of the cryin about it. They cheated, they were penalized.

  5. The No Fun League strikes again.

    These three days have become absolutely silly. Initially thought this was great as fans would riveted to rumors. Now, who cares.

  6. The Commish has taken care to set himself up as a Super Authority, a great decision maker, a strong front of the best sports league in the world. And now you, Mike Florio, are showing him to be the maker of “Illogical, nonsensical rules”. You have undressed Goodell.
    The Commish, err… I mean the King, err… I mean Roger Goodell wears no clothes. Is looking like a buffoon running around naked telling everyone, “Keep your pants zipped up.”

  7. The idea of having a day to announce signings is a stupid idea. It would make more sense to just have the signings leak out willy nilly, which would put the NFL in the spotlight more than just the one day approach.

    There is such of a thing as having everything so structured that you take the fun out of everything. IMO, it seems as though the NFL is running down that path. Sad to say.

    IMO, the NFL has that stick wedged up there pretty tight. It would seem to me that they might want to remove it rather than shove it up further.

  8. Does anyone think that the emperor’s proclamation is rooted in logic? Do any of us believe that this watery attempt to adhere to the standing rules regarding tampering is anything more than bald faced make believe??

    Goodell wants the players, agents, teams and the media to pretend that existing rules are being followed, you know, play-like.

    This is a glaring example of how, as Commissioner, he can do whatever the hell he wants–he has the power.

    It is an insult to anyone with half a brain.

    So thanks, Florio, for being one who calls out that the Emperor has no clothes.

  9. Goodell has to go before he do anymore damage to the game. hes already destroyed the kicking game.
    QB’s cant be touched at all. a good hit over the middle dont exist anymore. defense is illeagal and players will be fined for playing it. NOW hes rippin off teams for 25% of there cap room. taking draft picks and playing God.

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