David Carr drawing interest from two teams


David Carr has thrown three passes for the Giants over the last two seasons and hasn’t started a game since 2007, but that hasn’t stopped him from drawing interest from other teams early in this year’s free agency process.

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that two teams have been impressed enough with the way that Carr holds a clipboard that they’ve expressed interest in signing him since the 87-hour negotiating window with free agents opened on Saturday. According to Vrentas, Carr would like to sign with a team where there is at least a possibility of competing for a starting role. He won’t be getting that with Eli Manning in town and may feel like this year’s weak quarterback class in free agency and the draft offers him a shot at getting such a shot.

It’s not clear which of teams have reached out to Carr, although there were reports earlier this month that the Buccaneers were interested in bringing him on board. Their offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan worked with Carr with the Giants before moving on to Tampa, which might help their chances even if Greg Schiano recently moved Josh Freeman into safer category under center after earlier comments made it seem like Freeman would be competing for the job.

Carr and all the rest of the league’s free agents will be free to start signing with new teams on Tuesday.

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  1. I think teams are still impressed with the fact that Carr is built like granite, can bench press 390 and can squat over 500 pounds. Since he hasn’t really played much in years they must have forgotten that he is a lousy QB.

  2. It’s hard to believe he’s still in the league let alone that there are 2 teams interested in him. He’s the guy who stated after signing his first contract – “now my kids will never have to work in their lives” – with a sick philosophy like that it’s no wonder that he’s been a huge bust.

  3. Really. I get censored for mentioning the raiders and the Cards. Don’t worry I only use half as much science as your team does. Next time I’ll just say the Tebow is certain to qb the LA Jags next year.

  4. If Carr is at all consistent, can read defenses, doesn’t stare down receivers and can throw a football accurately or at least more often than not, Then I know several Bucs fans that would welcome him with EXCITEMENT!

  5. David Carr has 2 teams interested? Hopefully they are in the Arena league. This guy is terrible……
    I sure hope the Bucs are not truly interested in this guy. I wouldn’t want him backing up on a youth league team.
    There is no upside to this guy……and it’s amazing that he has escaped the criticism of being a HUGE bust as the 1st pick of an NFL draft.
    How has the backup qb position gotten soooooo bad in recent years? Ask the Steelers who had to go to the well with Leftwich and Batch last year. Just AWFUL!!!!

  6. I wonder what Arena league team he will sign with, the Orlando Predators or the Utah Blaze.

  7. He was a bust for the same reasons Couch was a bust, they had no protection. They were on their asses more than than their feet.
    Im not saying Couch or Carr would have been Brady or Manning but they could have at least been a serviceable starter in the league had they not been beaten up so badly in the first few seasons. I think any team would be lucky to get Carr as a backup compared to some of the knuckleheads we have seen out there in recent years (Curtis Painter).
    Look for Arians to go after him in ‘Zona. And somebody said this already but the Jets should give him a call, wouldnt hurt their situation at all

  8. Cut Fitzpatrick.. Draft or trade for a young QB. He could be a good inexpensive stop gap for the Bills. Even holding a clipboard and being a backup he has to have some knowledge that he can impart to a young player. You never know what this guy has really.. He spent his first few years in the league getting battered and playing behind a terrible offensive line. Maybe the shell shock has worn off. I doubt he’ll be an all pro. But at the price your going to pay for the guy, not to mention the fact that Jackson and a rookie will be his competition I think it would be a good fit.

  9. As mediocre as Carr is, I can think of 5 teams off the top of my head where he’d be an upgrade. Same with Matt Moore, who made a bad mistake not going FA.

  10. Wow I thought they wanted competition for Freeman? If this is what they call competition then Freeman job is safe and now he’ll still be with that outta space look when he makes a bone head play! Not saying that Carr is a total scrub but this guy isn’t competition for Freeman, I bet Freeman is at home thinking yeah right while listening to Michael Jackson!!

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