Adrian Peterson feels like he just got kicked in the stomach

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Percy Harvin is on his way to Seattle, three draft picks are headed back to Minnesota and Adrian Peterson feels like he just got kicked in the stomach.

Until the Vikings use those picks and Harvin takes the field for the Seahawks, we can’t know who the winners and losers of this trade will be. It’s safe to say at this point that Peterson isn’t loving the deal for his team, though. Peterson took to Twitter to wish Harvin well in Seattle and to let it be known that he was feeling the trade deep in his gut.

One thing for Peterson to keep in mind is that things could be worse. He could feel like he got kicked slightly lower on his body.

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  1. Don’t worry AP, you still have a hidden gem named Christian Ponder who can take the load off of your shoulders. He throws with precision, sometimes several feet.

  2. Stinks for the vikings to lose a player like that but apparently hes bigger than the program in minnesota. He ll fit in with carroll in seattle.

  3. Give logicalvoice credit, when a noobie (Ravenator) threatens to take his title of “World’s Biggest Douche”, he’s more than ready to remind everyone that title is his for a reason.

  4. It will be OK AP. Percy wanted Calvin Johnson money $15 million per year from what I’ve read and the Vikings made it to the playoffs last year with him missing nearly the last 8 full games. He isn’t worth $15 million. They can use the savings to go after Jennings, Wallace or Amendola and still get a WR with one of their two first round picks. Percy was going to be unhappy until he got paid, better to move him on and go from there. Don’t forget his migraine issues and injury history. He’s a great player, but he has his warts.

  5. But how often did you see him on the field AP? The Vikings got a great deal and should use that #1 to go poach Cruz from the Giants. Don’t even go for Wallace, Cruz is a better fit and player.

  6. While time will tell what Minny does with the draft choices, they did pull off a steal all things considered. To get 3 draft choices for a player who caused trouble in college and while with the pros……Seattle better hope they take advantage within the first year of this trade as by year 2, Harvin will become a headache.

  7. I think the Vikings are a pretty good team as-is, and is poised to give the North Division a run for the money. They will be better off with any talented receiver that wants to be there. Don’t lose sleep over Harvin. The team is better off without him. You’ll see.

  8. Ever notice how logicalvoices’ comments are always first? Do you think it’s a coincidence? It’s not. PFT loves to start a flame war when it can.

    Stop feeding this idiot.

  9. It would’ve been better if he said he felt like he got kicked in the head and now he knows what it’s like to “feel Percy’s pain”.

  10. Adrian Peterson feels like he just got kicked in the stomach several times


    His stomach will be just fine. NO-one rehabs like this guy!

  11. Harvin is like stephon Marbury. Peterson is like Kevin Garnett. Both great talents but Garnett was the real team player. Wolves were far better off with Garnett than taking a chance on Marbury, and I think Peterson is the right way to go. Harvin brought that offense down with his attitude. did the vikings even bring him home from that game against seattle?

    It’s also similar to moss being traded, but Harvin is nowhere near as established as moss was when he was traded, but probably just as talented.

  12. I hate the Vikings. I really do. But you asshammers getting all over Peterson need to get a grip… on something besides your little-boyhood. The man is clearly one of the best of all time, and other than the “modern day slavery” nonsense during the lockout has proven to be a class act.

  13. Percy’s migraine issues were pretty bad, but he’s addressed his sleep apnea and it has certainly helped. The one concern I’d have as a Seahawks fan, is that some of Percy’s more intense migraines were brought on by tracking the ball against a grey, overcast sky (google it).

    I wish the ‘hawks all the best. A commenter said something about “sour grapes” from Vikes fans. He’s pretty far from having any idea of where we’re at today. It was a good trade. We received 3 picks, including a first rounder, for a guy we got 4 years out of and who everyone knew wanted out of Minnesota. We’re feeling pretty alright – and we wish you all the best.

  14. Kind of funny watching the Vikings fans try and tell AP that losing Harvin is no big deal…

  15. I guess getting metaphorically kicked in the stomach is better than getting a weight-plate thrown at you (like Harvin threw at Chilly).

  16. A.D. knows this player well. Hawks have to be happy that former teammate is upset with trade. Perhaps the only issue has been his being recently hurt, disgruntled with his team and wanting to be paid more. Sounds like many other NFL players. Not many have countered what AD was saying about his Talent, though. When the games starts, thats’ all that matters.

    Go Seahaws!

  17. With the way the niners secondary nails people with headshots and never get flagged for it I.e. entire Superbowl this guy will be the one goodell is fearing for the life of. Twice a year means this will be his only and last season in Seattle. You know how loud it is there his brain can’t take that punishment either.

  18. I would have loved to have seen Harvin’s attitude change and for him to have wanted to be here in Minnesota. But the fact is, he wanted out. There was no chance that he was going to resign with the Vikings when he would have hit free agency after this season. Franchising him after this year wasn’t going to be an option either because of the price tag. So instead, they managed to get a first round pick (not to mention a seventh and a mid round pick next year) for a guy they weren’t going to be able to keep and who would probably have been a hold out and a headache this season. No matter how you cut it, this was a great deal for the Vikings. Better than I bet they even thought they would ever get. And if he is healthy and “happy”, Seattle will have made out good on the deal as well. I honestly think the Vikings got a first rounder out of Seattle only because Seattle was afraid San Fransisco was after him as well.

  19. Isn’t his pal Sidney Rice in Seattle? What’s Pete Carroll trying to do? Build a Super Bowl Championship team?

  20. And this tweet just shows how humble Peterson is because according to most anyone’s opinion, Peterson is a better player than Harvin. Much respect

  21. This is a really good fit for the Seahawks. Pete Carroll runs the place loose like a college campus scenario with lots of rah-rah and emotion. Harvin wasn’t comfortable with the Vikings more formal and character first setting. The Vikes really need to get Greg Jennings and draft a WR as well. Right now we’re the worst receiving corps in the league. We shall see.

  22. Percy deserved a lot more than he was receiving in Minnesota. Does anyone realize while only playing eight games he was still the leader in receptions and rec yards at the end of the season? Seattle got the bargain here.

  23. Well Seattle I hope he’s worth it and doesn’t get injury prone like the Rice trade.

    As for AP. He’s a team player and this a hard blow to take. However, if Percy was active all season Peterson would have fell way short of 2,000 yards

  24. This just gives AD more motivation to train even harder this offseason, not that he needs it! We all know this guy is a class act and can accomplish anything he sets his mind to, lookout NFL, AD has another chip on his shoulder! He will be breaking the NFL rushing record and carrying the Vikings deep into the playoffs, it wouldn’t have mattered if Percy the bi-polar migraine was on the team or not! We got a great deal in the trade and am confident the Vikings will shore up the WR position. I mean, there is no way our WR’s could be any worse than the last few years is there?!

  25. Is anyone surprised that the Viking fans who assured us that Percy isn’t going anywhere are now telling us that Adrian Peterson has no idea how lucky he is to be rid of such a malcontent?

  26. I’m a huge Percy fan and a bit annoyed I bought his Jersey now. I think he is the best all around player in the NFL. However, he suffers from migrains and is a bit injury prone. Both of those are reasons he misses practices and it shows on the field. He has too many penalties. Being lined-up in the wrong place, illegal procedures and unsportsmanlike conduct.

  27. What a great signing for the Hawks. this acquisition totally transforms the Seattle offense!! (if Harvin can stay healthy)

  28. No sour griping here. Harvin didn’t want to play in Minnesota any longer. Seahawks going all in and give up valuable draft picks to close that 30 second gap in last years playoff game. Hope another ex Viking can contribute. Also hoping last years and soon to be this years good draft pickings pay huge dividends in the near future for the Vikings. SKOL VIKES!

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