Cardinals cut Beanie Wells

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Beanie Wells’ days in Arizona are coming to an end.

Wells, a running back who is only a year removed from a 1,000-yard rushing season with the Cardinals, wrote on Twitter Monday afternoon that the team had informed him he was going to be released. The move ends a four-year career for Wells in Arizona, where he was a 2009 first-round draft pick out of Ohio State.

The Cardinals have confirmed that Wells is cut. The team also cut running back Fozzy Whittaker, and today’s news will ramp up the talk that Reggie Bush is a target for Arizona in free agency.

Wells had an excellent year in 2011, with 245 carries for 1,047 yards and 10 touchdowns. But Wells fell behind LaRod Stephens-Howling on the Cardinals’ depth chart last season, and he couldn’t get anything going when he did get the ball, ending the season with just 234 yards on 88 carries.

After saying late in the 2012 season that he didn’t anticipate returning to the Cardinals in 2013, Wells reversed course when new coach Bruce Arians was hired, saying he thought he could get a fresh start in Arians’ offense. Instead, Wells has been informed that if he’s going to have a fresh start, it won’t be in Arizona.

16 responses to “Cardinals cut Beanie Wells

  1. The heck with Beanie; the real news here is that there’s a dude named “Fozzy Whittaker” out there who absolutely must become someone’s starting back. I want to hear that name used over and over again this season.

  2. 2010 – knee & hamstring
    2011 – knee & hamstring
    2012 – knee, hamstring & toe.

    I wonder why he go cut?

  3. So how many high draft picks have the Cards wasted on fragile RBs with fumbleitus recently? This must mean its time for another! Who needs an o-line anyway.

  4. No surprise. He just could never get on track. For a team with a decent offensive line, he could be a solid guy at goal line situations… on the rare occasions Beanie didn’t get hit 4 yards behind the line, he showed flashes.

  5. poor beanie! He was a great back at The Ohio State Buckeyes. Hopefully someone will pick him up if he isn’t injured. I didn’t follow last year but it sounds like everyone is saying he had a bad year because he was injured. Big difference one year makes.

  6. BTW, the picture of Beanie above is entirely appropriate for today’s news. It is the final carry of the Beanie Wells era (week 15) from the 1 yard line; he stumbles, fumbles without being touched, falls down and the Bears recover for a TD.

    Bye bye Beanie.

  7. He is going to end up being a beast for a RB needy team this coming season. Look for the Broncos, Bengals, Packers and possibly the Steelers to make a play for this guy. If he can be had for cheap, could be a steal. I know he has injury history, but given a good offensive line, he could be a 1,400 yard back for one of the teams I listed above

  8. All of his leg issues made him significantly slower this year. Dude is going to need one gigantic O-line if he’s going to be even more of a “plodder” than Brandon Jacobs and Cedric Benson.

    If speed kills, being slow is suicidal.

  9. “… Reggie Bush is a target for Arizona.”

    Ah yes, Reggie Bush, the Allen Iverson of the NFL.

  10. definition of “just a guy”. 1000 yards really is not that special nowadays, even on the Cardinals

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