McKinnie declares no discounts for the Ravens


Just because they just won a Super Bowl doesn’t make it any less of a business for the Ravens.

On the same day they pawned off one playoff hero (with the trade of wide receiver Anquan Boldin to the 49ers), another said he was ready to get paid.

Left tackle Bryant McKinnie, who came out of the doghouse to lead a line improvement in the postseason, said there would be no more discounts for Baltimore.

They already got me at the discount last season,” McKinnie said, via “They bought a Maserati, they need to pay for the insurance.”

The fact he showed up the size of a Winnebago caused them to put regular gas instead of premium in him this summer, giving him a $1 million pay cut primarily because they could.

That he played so well in the playoffs will create some interest in his services, but he’s also 33 years old, and with a track record that includes conditioning issues, it’s hard to imagine anyone paying Maserati money this time through.

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  1. Just because they overpayed their QB doesn’t eman everyone else will take a salary reduction because of it. This whole team is falling apart and with no one by Flacco’s sides he’s not a very good quarterback. Welcome to the cellar for years to come.

  2. We just said goodbye to one hell of a football player and a human being in Q today, don’t profane the memory of his service with the image this arrogant deviant.

  3. “They bought a Maserati, they need to pay for the insurance.”

    Nice. Even worse, the Ravens bought a Lexus at the price of a Maserati. Flacco isn’t good enough to automatically put you in games like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. This could end up pretty bad for the Ravens, but they’ve proven me wrong before.

  4. Come on McKinnie- if they paid you more, you’d just blow it anyway like you did every dime you’ve made your entire NFL career…

  5. Everyone on the Ravens should ask for more money. If Average Joe can, why not?

    Show him how stupid he is for wanting that much of the cap space.

  6. The NFL knows your track record dude. Whatever GM hands you a big pay day will be out of work sooner than later.

    On another note, it is safe to say we won’t see him in any shade of purple next season.

  7. No lewis, no boldin, no matt birk, probably no mckinnie, likewise with kruger and reed. Theyre practically already down at LEAST 6 (even more if they lose ellerbe) starters from their playoff run…that includes their overpaid QBs favorite target, and their two most valuable defensive players…

    But im sure ravenator will say she wouldnt have it any other way.

  8. You have to love the Steelers fans. Release James Harrison because of salary cap and it’s deemed ok. Ravens effectively release Q because of salary concerns and it’s the end of the world for the Ravens. And the Flacco contract talk……please tell me how the next three years of cap friendly numbers are damaging the club. If I was a Steelers fan I’d be worried about the money your front office is moving down the road with all the contract restructuring you’ve got going on. It’s much better to cut ties with the player than prolong the inevitable and take the cap hit as well.

  9. Do people think the Ravens are clearing cap space for nothing? Lmao…get ready to see some amazing upgrades. Got a feeling the Ravens get some prime age talent in place of these older players. If these dudes dont wanna play for the World Champions at a discount im sure there are plenty of dudes that do. PS-Welker is still available and would fit lovely on the Ravens.

  10. How many active QBs have more rings than Flacco again? 3. If you aren’t a Patriots, Steelers, or Giants fan, worry about your own team first.

  11. You mean Ravens arent going to overpay for a tackle who was out of shape to begin the season and has serious financial distractions. Crazy move by the GM.

  12. Way to go Ravens! Fall apart! That’s the last Super Bowl you will see for another 12 years. You will always be 2nd to the Steelers. We’ll win another 2 Super Bowls before you get back. Flacco will go back to being The inconsistent QB he always was, being WAY overpaid!

  13. When McKinnie gets a fat contract so he no longer has financial motivation to do well, he gets fat(ter) and practices and plays with little effort. The Vikes found out the hard way and I don’t think another GM would make the same mistake.

  14. the ravens look like they’re a mess. boldin getting traded. other player shooting their mouths off. but ozzie newsome should be trusted. he makes the right moves. at the end of the day, they have a SB winning, franchise QB in flacco. ozzie thinks flacco has arrived and will remain elite. he is probably right. worst case is they lose guys, manage thru their financial issues and re-build around flacco. it isn’t the perfect scenario by any means, but if anyone can do it, ozzie can. i wouldn’t throw dirt on the ravens just yet…

  15. last year the ravens lost ben grubbs tom zibikowski haruki nakamura and jarrett johnson and corey redding. how did that work out. right…superbowl champs. you all do realize when a team loses a player that get to replace a player. and we have more money. trust me folks….ravens know what they are doing

  16. Continue morons with the flacco was paid too much crap. Again he counts $6.8 million against the cap This year 14 million against it next Year and a 20 million in three years from now when the cap Will go up. He will then renegotiate his salary and not count much against the cap. people are freaking idiots morons I hate you all

  17. So the ravens bail this dude out when he takes out a huge interest loan during the lockout, but he can’t help them out? It’s because he’s clearly a moron with his money so he needs to soak up every last penny while he can so that we can hear about his foreclosure a and tax liens in 5 years instead of two.

  18. The man is simply saying He led your O line to a Super Bowl Championship last year. Cant blame him for wanting his money. It truly is a business.

  19. He’s 35 and spends 9/12 months per year close to 400 lbs. He’s a ticking time bomb.
    I hope he straightens himself out…somewhere else…

  20. Bryant McKinnie should play on one year deals the rest of his career….it’s the only way you’ll get any effort out of him.

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