Redskins could disclose plans for cap fight at 4:30 p.m. press conference

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The Redskins are still considering their options when it comes to the $36 million in cap penalties imposed against the franchise in 2013 for treating the uncapped year as uncapped.

Later today, at a press conference during which coach Mike Shanahan and G.M. Bruce Allen will discuss free agency, more information could be coming.At 4:30 p.m. ET, Shanahan and Allen will have a chance to talk and to answer questions.  If they plan to address it unprompted or to be candid when asked, more light will be shed on the situation.

An effort to block the launch of free agency at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday seems unlikely at this point, given that the Redskins could have filed legal action aimed at overturning the cap penalties at any point in the past year.  Then again, a late-afternoon filing with an emergency hearing on Tuesday morning could result in a temporary restraining order blocking the start of the new league year, pending a more detailed hearing later in the week.

And while on the surface it appears that the Redskins have delayed filing suit, it’s possible that they have been trying to work something out behind the scenes without attaching the warhead to the missile and pressing the button.

Or maybe the Redskins have decided to just accept it.  To get weak-kneed in the face of obvious antitrust violations.  To turn tail and run.We’ve got a feeling that’s not how Shanahan and Allen are wired.

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  1. “Or maybe the Redskins have decided to just accept it. To get weak-kneed in the face of obvious antitrust violations. To turn tail and run.”

    You wouldn’t be goading them here by any chance???

  2. Or they are just posturing for their fans. They have somehow escaped fan criticism for their actions and the potion they put the franchise in. They at least need to make it look like they are putting up a fight, just like they did last year. Fans should be killing this front office, but they have effectively channeled the blame toward the league and the easy target Mara.

    “For the mob is always impressed by appearances…” They aren’t dumb enough to go “nuclear”; they know they gambled and lost. But there fans will be satisfied with their posturing and will continue to blame everyone else but the actual culprits.

  3. Goodell overreached both here and on Bountygage. There was no need to penalize the Redskins and Cowboys right before free agency last year, returning the favor would be rather sublime.

    And getting the first press confrence and setting the tone is critical.

  4. Last year the league revealed the Skins cap penalty on the eve of free agency to add insult to injury. It only seems appropriate for the Skins to return the favor by shutting down the free agency period hours before it starts this year.

  5. I’m imagining Bruce and Shanny sitting in Bruce’s office getting psyched to ‘eye of the tiger’

    Also, It’s great to see all of the hate/trolling in redskins topics, a true sign of relevance.

    2012 NFC East Champs! (with one had tied behind their back!)

  6. They don’t have to sue and make antitrust claims. They can do something less and claim a violation of some fiduciary duty allegedly owed by their “partners”. It would make good theater (and the rest of the league might be similarly disinclined) if the NFL owners’ partnership agreement was exposed to daylight. I’m sure its the kind of document that otherwise have the secrecy of Vatican banking records.

  7. Even if you hate the team, I don’t get how people let that hatred blind them from seeing the truth. Even 3rd parties acknowledge that the Washington Football team is, for once, in the right on this issue.

  8. Snyder & Jones were stupid enough to test the NFL’s secret agreement during a time period when the Owners were fighting players.

    Those jerks put themselves ahead of league interests. They thought the league didn’t have the balls to call them on it. Punishment deserved.

  9. Announcing plans to fight the penalty at 4:30 effectively gives the league less than 24 hours to come up with a plan to keep free agency opening as scheduled. Just like the League gave the Redskins less than 24 hours before the opening of free agency last year to dole out the penalty. Irony?

  10. Today’s press conference is simply to announce that rg3 will be playing in next week’s annual kick ball tournament.

  11. Redskins Redskins redskins… I’m native American and proud of it, and the only thing I find disrespectful about the name Redskins is ….. I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING….. I feel more disrespect from harjo or whatever that ladies name is trying to make herself feel better about everything our government took from us!!!! And this cap issue is salt in the
    wound, strip the giants of their first rounder and give it to the Redskins for last years penalty and give us 18 mil this year, leave the name alone and let the skins be winners!!!!

  12. Load the warhead onto the missile and FIRE! Tired of the Redskins name being associated with cheating(other than tampering). Anyone who has read up on this situation KNOWS the Skins were correct in avoiding collusion. Mara can be pissed. John get your checkbook out. If we DO pull the trigger the NFL will fold and settle out of court to “protect the sheild” just give us back our 36mil and let’s move fwd. Even with the SANCTIONS we have beaten the Gmen 3 of the last 4 meetings including a SWEEP of the Champs in ’12 beat THIS years champ and beat the Pack in ’11 when they went on to be Champs. We are headed in the right direction.

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