Drew Stanton to visit Cardinals


It’s been expected for a while now that the Cardinals would have some interest in quarterback Drew Stanton and those expectations appear to be realized.

Mike Jurecki of 910 XTRA reports that Stanton is on his way to Arizona to visit with the Cardinals. Stanton spent the 2012 season as the backup quarterback for the Colts, who were coached for most of the season by new Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

The bleak state of the quarterback situation in Arizona doesn’t need to be recounted, so it should go without saying that Stanton’s got as good a shot at winning the Cardinals’ starting job as he has anywhere in the league. If the Cards don’t figure out a way to hold onto Kevin Kolb at a cheaper salary than the $11.5 million he’s set to make in 2013, Stanton would likely have the inside track on starting given his experience with Arians and the performance of the other quarterbacks already on the Cardinals’ roster.

Jurecki also reports that running back Rashard Mendenhall is expected to visit with the Cardinals, a fit that seems to make sense thanks to Arians’ past role as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. We’ve reported that Mendenhall is likely to join Peyton Manning in Denver, however, so we’ll see how whether or not the Cardinals are able to sway Mendenhall away from Denver.

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  1. Lets not forget Hoyer is in Az too. That makes 2 Sparty QBs on the Cards roster. I expect they will still be looking for QB in the draft. But both are prolly better than anything else they have right now.

  2. If Stanton is signed that will mean that Kolb will be cut before his $2 mil roster bonus is do on Saturday. Cutting Kolb will free $7.5-$10.5 mil in cap space depending on if they spread the $6 mil cap hit over two seasons or not. I expect them to go this route & then add a QB in the second round of the draft.

  3. The irony is, that if the Jets wouldn’t have been playing footsie with Tebow, they would have had someone who could’ve actually lit a fire under Sanchez…and maybe even won the starting job.

  4. Wow PFT, we have a headline with Stanton in it. You’d think it was a slow news day to have an article about a bad backup QB

  5. “The bleak state of the quarterback situation in Arizona doesn’t need to be recounted”

    But I’m going to recount it again anyway while acting like I’m not

  6. With AZ’s interest in Stanton, Hoyer, and Cassel…shows that they seem less likely to draft a QB. If they release Kolb, Bidwill will still count those monies towards a QB slot….plus the $5M he owes to Whizenhunt….I can’t imagine him springing for a 1st round QB as well.

  7. It’s really hard to be a Cards fan right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Red Birds but when you read every other team signing some big name players and all you see is your team standing pat bringing in cast off back ups it gets frustrating. They got more holes than swiss cheese on the roster and are doing nothing about it. Only have 7 picks this year. You figure only 3 will really contribute this year. I don’t get it…

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