Quick run at Cruz isn’t likely

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At 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Giants receiver Victor Cruz secures the ability to negotiate with any other team in the league.

But since he’s a restricted free agent, subject to the machinations of a seven-day period for matching any offers received, it’s not likely that anyone will make an early run at Cruz.

The teams with cap money to spend will be trying to spend it on unrestricted free agents, for now.  Typically, the RFA market begins to heat up only after the UFA carousel has begun to slow down.

In recent years, the RFA market has been dormant, with teams neither willing to negotiate a deal that would be matched by the player’s current team nor anxious to surrender compensation.  Or, possibly, there’s collusion when it comes to players with three years of experience and no contract for year four.

That could change with Cruz.  A team in the bottom portion of round one could be willing to swap its pick for one of the best young receivers in the game — especially if that team has the cap space to craft a front loaded offer the Giants can’t or won’t match.

Some of you have suggested that a team with a higher pick in round one could trade down and then use the lower pick for a crack at Cruz.  It’s a good idea, but the rules prevent it.  The pick that becomes compensation for a restricted free agent or a franchise player is the pick originally held by the team making the offer.  If the team doesn’t have its original pick, an offer sheet can’t be signed.

Either way, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will make a run at Cruz soon.  In a week or two, however, things could get interesting.

37 responses to “Quick run at Cruz isn’t likely

  1. He deserves so much more. I hope someone at least forces the Giants to pay him more than that weak tender he’s got now.

  2. the Pats (Lloyd is the only big name WR under contract for next year), Ravens (just traded their biggest name receiver) and 49ers (no proven no 2 to Crabtree) should all be interested in Cruz for that price.

  3. Things could get interesting with the Vikings, depending on who they do or do not sign in the next couple of days. This is a team with enormous need at WR that only got bigger yesterday.

  4. The Vikings aren’t going to find a receiver with the 23rd pick that can make the impact of Cruz, and they just got the 25th pick from Seattle… go get him.

  5. If he’s smart and plays it right, he remains a giant and continues to be a fan favorite for many years to come.

  6. Why is it so many confusing rules and fine print for such a simple game ?

    If He wasn’t drafted by the Giants why should they be able to handcuff him and take money from his pockets that he earned?

  7. I really like Cruz as a player (more than Percy Harvin, though I understand he’s probably not more talent) which leads me to think teams might seriously consider taking a look at him.

    Cincinnati Bengals have the cap ammunition and a #2 WR spot that Cruz could look pretty nice in.

    Of course, I’m sure the fear is that acquiring Cruz at a high cost plays out more like the Peerless Price acquisition than the Wes Welker one.

  8. Cruz’s biggest problem with the Giants is that he seems to want to ignore the fact Hakeem Nicks is on the team and is the #1 receiver as he is more consistent than Cruz. Cruz still has too many drops in his game.

  9. With a gaping hole left at the WR position after yesterday’s trade, the Vikings could look at it like effectively trading Harvin for Cruz, a 7th this year and a 3rd next year. Plus Cruz probably gets a little less $/year (not sure what his market is). They’re about the same age and Cruz looks like the more polished receiver. Not saying he’s a better player overall, but given Harvin’s attitude, that trade would be a no brainer.

  10. Cruz is one of the good guys in this sport and is actually positive role model. I hope he gets a great contract and goes to a quality team. He’d definitely be welcomed back with open arms in Massachusetts (UMass alumnus).

  11. This makes so much sense for the Vikings. Still have a 1st rounder not much different than the one they have now. Why not give that pick to the Giants for a guy that is uch better than the guy to traded??? I think it makes perfect sense but its just a matter of getting the GM to see that. What are the chacnes of my Jets making a move??! If it is going to better the team, I say a 0% chance. ughhh Another bad year in the making

  12. I like Cruz. He is one of the better receivers in the game today. A player with many positives and very few negatives. Match him up with a QB that is a little more accurate than Eli Manning is with the deep pass, someone like Joe Flacco and I bet he breaks Receiving Records. The Ravens in my eyes would be the most ideal place for Cruz to go, but other teams like Atlanta, Kansas City and Dallas look probable too.

  13. To Vikings fans. Even if you made an offer to Cruz what makes you think he would be willing to leave New York and Eli Manning for what you are offering? No offense but he has a solid offer on the table from the Giants plus the ability to reap in additonal off the filed income due to the market that he plays in. Having just changed his agent he will sign for the Giants long term very soon and become very rich in the process. All in my opinion of course.

  14. Dear idiot ravens fans who commented Cruz is a fit in baltimore. You do realize the ravens just traded a WR who played an as big a part as any in winning the super bowl, because of cap issues. So you think they are going to give up a 1st rnd pick and sign a contract with cruz that would hit the salary cap harder. Ffs people do you even think before you type?

  15. Does logicailvoicesays know logical is the correct spelling? Just Saying. The Giants aren’t dumb enough, at least I don’t think so, to let Cruz go to an in division rival like Phila or Wash. Chances are he stays with them or gets overpaid by a team like Balt or Minn. That combo of Flacco and Cruz would be great, some dropped balls though.

  16. Only an idiot would think the Redskins win the Super Bowl. Keep dreaming, record setting Super Bowls?? What planet are you on???

  17. I have faith that the Giants front office will do the right thing. As much as we love Cruz here in NY, football is still a business. Personally, I think he has earned a descent pay day and would like to see him signed.

  18. packerbackernj says:
    Mar 12, 2013 11:56 AM
    Dear idiot ravens fans who commented Cruz is a fit in baltimore. You do realize the ravens just traded a WR who played an as big a part as any in winning the super bowl, because of cap issues. So you think they are going to give up a 1st rnd pick and sign a contract with cruz that would hit the salary cap harder. Ffs people do you even think before you type?
    Dear idiot Pack fan who has no idea what he’s talking about- you do realize the Ravens already had $13.5M in cap space open and did NOT trade Q for cap reasons. While it opened up a ton of space and puts us closer to $20M, the reason he was traded was because you don’t pay a 32 y/o WR $7.5M after a 4 TD regular season in 2012, and you don’t pay him based solely on the playoffs (ask everyone who had that exact sentiment about Joe). Leach gets let go, puts us near $22-23M in available cap space, less RFA tenders puts us at $17-18M UNDER the cap. Q would’ve been just fine in there, he just wasn’t worth the money. And while I don’t want Cruz and his contract, the Ravens could very easily make the move if they wanted to.

  19. I think ANY team would love to have this guy, I know I would be excited to see him in the Bay.

  20. Jeremy Lin situation all over again for us in New York. Thankfully, there’s no poison pill, and we can secure everyone else after him without worry about the cap.

  21. As I see it this is a smart play by the Giants.
    Other teams make a run at him and set his value then the Giants can match it and keep him.

    What better way to get a deal done then to see what the open market is willing to pay.

    Not like he is going to be on welfare at 2.5 million

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