Report: Martellus Bennett deal worth $20 million


Martellus Bennett wasted no time in agreeing to change teams when free agency kicked off Tuesday afternoon.

Bennett was the first player to hit free agency to sign a contract with a new team and the Chicago Bears announced he had signed a four year contract with the team.

According to Adam Schefter of, Bennett’s deal is worth $20 million.

Bennett was one of the top tight ends available on the market along with Tony Gonzalez and Jared Cook. Bennett and Cook agreed to deals while Gonzalez plans to return to the Falcons. Bennett was the 21st ranked player available in the PFT Top 100.

22 responses to “Report: Martellus Bennett deal worth $20 million

  1. A lot of money, but he’ll be worth it. Good signing.

    I really don’t get why he catches flak for his personality. I know people hate hearing this, but this is truly a guy that is misunderstood. He’s made some strange remarks at times, but more often than not, this guy is working hard. People just see the occasional negatives and pile on the guy when really, he’s just a personality that likes to work hard and have fun at the same time.

    Just my 2c

  2. Hes just ok dog. Eagles did a better job aquiring Casey for much less money. Chip is on fire.

  3. I loved watching Martellus Bennett during his time with the New York Giants. He is gifted with his size and athletic ability. He is labeled as a pass catcher but he is such an underrated blocker.

    He handled guys like Trent Cole, Ryan Kerrigan, and DeMarcus Ware well during those games to give Eli Manning more time in the pocket. For all of the praise, there is some criticism however.

    Bennett looked lost at times during his time as a Giant. There would be some plays where he was just going through the motions and unfortunately for him Manning would throw him the ball and he was just not ready.

    Going to the Chicago Bears was a great decision financially as I believe the New York Giants weren’t willing to pay him top dollar but he will not excel there, I believe the duo of him and Jay Cutler will make for interesting confrontations.

    Best of luck to Martellus but he should have realized his potential in NY is stronger than Chicago.

  4. That’s roughly (depending on signing bonus etc…) 5 million a year, what I can’t believe is the Eagles paying the same thing to James Casey, 3 years 14.5 million. But then again I think the Texans didn’t get the most out of Casey and he has a high upside.

  5. So just going by his 2012 numbers that would be $1 million per TD. Sure he can block, but that seems high for a 2nd TE. The guarantee must be around $8 million.

  6. Pope and Eli make the Giants’ TE position a revolving door of reliability and good performance. Adrian Robinson or a Draft Pick will do just as well and be more cap friendly.

    All the “good” TEs for the Giants in the past 6 years amounted to very little when they were outside of Pope and Eli. Similar to all the “good” WRs the Giants have lost.

    They’ll be fine.

  7. In a year where he needed to prove himself, he was okay. Statistically, his season looked better than it was. He made no special plays, didn’t stand out on 3rd down or the red zone. Had his effort on blocking questioned by Reese after the season…

    I’d worry about giving a long-term deal to a player with a history of complacency.

  8. Wow! On the Giants teams worried about Cruz and Nicks before Bennett. In Chicago its going to be Brandon Marshall and………

  9. The Bears tight ends have had the fewest catches east of the last two seasons. The team will over pay for this guy and use him accordingly.

  10. Every tight end the Giants have started since Shockey left, Bossy, Ballard, and Bennett, has exceeded expectations. Manning is a good QB who likes to throw to his tight ends and Pope is one of the best tight end coaches in the NFL.

    Bennett got his wish in New York of escaping from Dallas where he was an unknown and making a name for himself as a receiver. He’s taking a risk going to a new team where he could just slide back into obscurity.

  11. Wow! On the Giants teams worried about Cruz and Nicks before Bennett. In Chicago its going to be Brandon Marshall and………

    Jeffery who is working out with Marshall he showed a lot of promise for a rookie, Earl Bennett if stays health is clutch on 3rd down and forte will definitely be used more in the passing game this year. This is the bears best TE since Des Clark well worth it.

  12. Goodness! Lesson here is, if you want to get payed, go play for Eli Manning. Eli will make you a star…until you leave him, that is.

  13. Lotta egotistical Giants fans on here who think the world revolves around Eli Manning, and that only he makes the players around him any good.

    Here’s betting Bennett has another good season, in spite of not having ‘the bestest TE coach in the whole world’ there to hold his hand.

    And for those of you predicting he and Jay will have confrontations, remember, if Cutler didn’t murder Kellen Davis last year, Bennett has nothing to worry about, since he can actually catch the ball without falling down.

    Just sayin’.

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