Thanks, PFT Planet, for a record day

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We didn’t expect that the first day of 2013 free agency would set an all-time traffic record, given the relative lack of buzz and the absence of huge names in the pool.  And we definitely didn’t expect the all-time traffic record to be shattered.

As usual, we were wrong on both counts.

The NBC hamsters served up 6.66 million page views on Tuesday.  (Coincidentally or not, there were no Tim Tebow posts.)  That’s a new high-water mark for a single day, by almost one million views.

Speaking of one million, for the first time ever (I think), our audience for one day hit seven figures, with 1.089 million unique visitors.

So thanks, everyone, for spending time with us on Tuesday.  And thanks to the crew for working so damn hard — MDS, Darin Gantt, Josh Alper, Curtis Crabtree, and our newest arrival Mike Wilkening.

Who knows?  A new record could be coming today.  Especially if our official position is we don’t expect it to happen.

13 responses to “Thanks, PFT Planet, for a record day

  1. “served up 6.66 million page views on Tuesday. (Coincidentally or not, there were no Tim Tebow posts.)”

    Tebow wants nothing to do with the figure of “6-6-6..” So, it’s not coincidence, it’s divine intervention I tell ya…


  2. Good job…”devilish” numbers.

    It’ll be tough to top those numbers…and by numbers, I mean number of Revis stories in a day.

  3. without a doubt the BEST source for all nfl news on the net! i reload the page multiple times per HOUR! keep up the excellent work Florio(and your great staff 2!!!)!!

  4. This will be a short lived record that will be broken on draft day. Be prepared Florio, remember a few years back before NBC when your servers went down during the draft? You do deserve credit as a self made man.

  5. this has been my most visited site (at least 20 times a day from all of my devices) and yesterday PFT provided an avalanche (a good avalanche) of news. thank you guys…sometimes we rag on ya but i would be upset if you weren’t around

  6. For being just a bunch of rumor mongers, you guys do a pretty good job.

    I bet it’s more like a few hundred of us that kept banging the old F5 every chance we could at work.

    I believe most of us (guys that have been here since before the merger) saw the growth coming. Keep up the good work Mike. Also thank NBC for having super hamsters around for us

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