Aldon Smith had labrum surgery


49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith had surgery on a torn labrum in his shoulder earlier in the offseason, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Friday.

The 23-year-old Smith recorded an NFC-high 19.5 sacks last season, but none after Dec. 9 — a six-game span that included the playoffs. He was on the injury report with a shoulder injury in the 49ers’ last nine games (six regular-season, three postseason).

Per Rapoport, the labrum is the shoulder injury that was listed on the injury report and that Smith played with down the stretch, and there isn’t a set schedule for his return.

At the Super Bowl, Smith chalked up his late-season struggles getting sacks to drawing more attention from the opposition.

In February, he told the San Jose Mercury News that the injury was a “bad stinger.” He also participated in MMA training.

UPDATE 10:32 P.M. ET: Matt Maiocco of also reports, citing a league source, that the injury that required surgery was suffered in-season.

13 responses to “Aldon Smith had labrum surgery

  1. Shoulder Labrum surgery means 4-6 months no upper body weights. Late July at the earliest, while his power comes from the hips, you still need a powerful Upper Body to rush the passer! My guess will be a less effective Aldon in 2013. He’ll beast it up again in 2014, but 10 sacks in 2013, will be a reach!

  2. It obviously affected him but as a 9er fan no excuses for struggling.

    But I do give him credit for playing through it

  3. Still won’t stop the big mouths from flappin gums that it was only because Justin Smith was hurt.

  4. So him AND Justin Smith were playing in the playoffs with essentially one arm. Wow. Injuries have really hurt the 49ers the last two years down the stretch in the playoffs.

  5. He’s a stud, regardless, hopefully he makes a full recovery … My Seahawks had to sign two players to equal one of him, production wise. I want to beat y’all when both of us are completely healthy — no excuses.

  6. He’s obviously waaaay less effective without Justin Smith to hold offensive linemen inside for him. But please, niners complaining about injuries? Gimme a break. They’ve had way fewer than the average for 2 years now. It’s bound to catch up with them at some point. Maybe this year.

  7. I’ve had a torn labrum and it’s pretty tough to play in the trenches with that injury. For 3 days, I couldnt lift my arm and even after I regained motion in that arm, I wasn’t able to bench more than 200 lbs. Aldon’s best move is the bull rush, so I’m guessing he had to rely purely on his speed and agility after the injury.

  8. He’s good he will come back and beast harder then any SEAHAWK has Osiris.. And there are no excuses but gotta give props he didn’t even say anything just played through it!! Aldon is a BALLER and our D will once again be dominating without going out and blowing hella money on free agents! NFC WEST is reping tough right now! Will be a fun year!! GO NINERS

  9. I’ve that comment that he couldn’t do anything after Justin Smith wasn’t around to hold for him anymore. After Justin Smith came back he was still fairly unproductive in his own sack production though others stepped up and got sacks. So maybe it was his own injury after all. He never made excuses either. This kid is tough and he’ll be back.

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