Giants to take a look at Dan Connor


The Giants continue to look for linebacker depth, and seem particularly interested in depth inside.

According to Geoff Mosher of Comcast SportsNet, Dan Connor will visit the Giants.

The former Cowboys and Panthers inside linebacker had previously visited the Steelers as well as the Raiders. The Giants brought Jasper Brinkley in before he left them for a deal with the Cardinals.

Connor’s a solid player against the run, and an excellent special teams player, the kind of guy teams are looking for as the early money in free agency dries up.

18 responses to “Giants to take a look at Dan Connor

  1. While your in New Jersey, you might as well knock on the other door marked “NYJ” and tell them that Joe sent you!

  2. fuglyflorio says:
    Mar 15, 2013 3:38 PM
    Washington troll in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    You’re one of the biggest Giants trolls on here. Look in the mirror first

  3. I’m not doing backflips, but this would be an obvious upgrade over Blackburn/Herzlich. Do SOMETHING!

  4. @Giantspunk – we signed Ross, TT and just signed Mundy. The rest on the market are overrated trash. Don’t tell me you want them to bring in that slug Assmugha.

    These small under the radar additions are what separates us from Dream Teams. Let them overpay a dog like Connor Barwin.

  5. meanwhile the Jets are interviewing Sarah Connor because she has a better arm then Mark Sanchez

  6. And we resigned Rivers. Big name guys will NEVER be a part of the Giants plan…. We won a title with Antonio Pierce and Chase Blackburn…

    If you asked a Skins fan before Pierce came here, they would’ve told you he was washed up on their team the prior year. He was good enough to hold down the middle for us, that’s all that matters.

    Giants fans – Who cares what ANY division foe’s fans say. There’s a reason we’ve hoisted two of the last 6 years, and that reason ISN’T signing household free agent names to crazy, team strangling contracts.

  7. Giants are only NFC East team with a chance. Niners, Hawks and Falcons should be tough. Go Blue!

  8. to scoops1: That was definitely the funniest analogy of Sanchez that I’ve ever read. Of course Sarah Connor has a better arm than Sanchez, she also wouldn’t run into her lineman’s butt and fumble the ball for a touchdown at the other end.

  9. @dallascowboysdishingthereal

    Bennett Cowboys 2008-2011
    Receptions: 85
    Yard: 846
    Touchdowns: 4

    Bennett Giants 2012
    Receptions: 55
    Yards: 626
    Touchdowns: 5

    A lot better then it worked out for Dallas.

  10. Connor did a good job last year, filling in for Lee, so of course will look at him, he’s not that old, and could help in the run stopping defense were trying to field.
    Not done yet!

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