Jets get Willie Colon on a one-year deal


Even though they gave decent money to a third-down running back , the Jets aren’t in a position to spend heavily.

But they did add a potentially valuable part, getting former Steelers guard Willie Colon.

According to Adam Caplan of, Colon got a one-year deal worth $1.2 million.

When he’s well, Colon is the kind of solid piece that fits the physical style coach Rex Ryan wants. But he missed 20 games the last two seasons for the Steelers, part of the reason they were willing to let him go.

22 responses to “Jets get Willie Colon on a one-year deal

  1. Mark Sanchez has already invited him out to California for some off season work on running into his backside and fumbling.

  2. ok signing I guess. One thing, Stinkchez wont be a starter next year so Im sure the team will do ok. Colon can be a good player when healthy.

  3. Rex will be checking out other teams’ need for a DC by mid October.

    In retrospect, they should have hired Mangini as the GM. Rex did pretty well with his players…

  4. Shortly after the signing was announced Colon was called for two holding penalties and a false start.

  5. Why oh why couldn’t this trade have been last year. Can you imagine the joke possibilities if Colon was the OL involved in the butt fumble.

  6. drainbameged says:Mar 15, 2013 4:09 PM


    Nope..Dolphin fans claimed that prediction yesterday…and since we’re in the same division….

    p.s Shouldn’t it be “drainbamAged”?
    Then again….

  7. Enjoy the two games he’ll be healthy…oh, and the 1-2 holdin penalties during those games

  8. This could be the start of the Sanchez Colon fumble! I can’t wait. Oh hum, the Jets eat you know what.

  9. Steeler fans- I would not be excited about losing another former starter….No $ to replace anyone. Cut Polamala already and sign someone with a future.

  10. you know whats funny, the last four seasons the Jets went to two afc champ games, missed the playoffs the last game of the season, then missed the playoffs the second to last game of the season. Funny how this “circus” seems to always be in contention late in the season. Keep hating on the Jets, especially the dummy Vagiants fans, you wont be having the last laugh 😉

  11. j0ey15 says: Mar 15, 2013 4:06 PM

    Not a bad sign cheap and serviceable if he can stay health


    Not being negative as I don’t care about the Jets either way, but Colon isn’t reliable either way. Dude has been injured over the past couple of years and draws flags like crazy when he’s not. If you’re looking for someone to kill offensive momentum by drawing a flag at an inopportune time, he’s your guy.

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