Jets sign another widebody, getting Antonio Garay


For the second time Friday afternoon, the Jets grabbed a useful lineman with a one-year deal.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they agreed with former Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay, who was released earlier this week.

Earlier Friday, they signed former Steelers guard Willie Colon.

Garay was on the Jets practice squad in 2009. The 33-year-old played some solid football for the Chargers in recent years, and the Jets need depth after losing Mike DeVito to the Chiefs and cutting Sione Pouha.

17 responses to “Jets sign another widebody, getting Antonio Garay

  1. Any player that can sack Manning with his own guard is far from trash. He just happens to play one of the few positions of which San Diego is loaded. He’s a great guy, very popular with the fans, and he will be missed.
    He gets new hair for every game.

  2. The Jets are making some very good moves. These guys (Goodson, Colon, Garay) aren’t worldbeaters, but they’re very good value for the money. It beats the hell out of paying a “fame” premium for name players.

  3. The picture you see was when he was young. Being a Charger fan I can tell you I was disappointed that the Chargers let him go. He did a great job for us but the Chargers didn’t want to pay him his bonus. He is a great locker room guy and a good leader. He will do a good job for you and you will probably resign him. Say hi to Cro.

  4. Garay is solid. Was really good two years ago, limited last year due to injury and solid play from Aubrayo Franklin and Cam Thomas. Only reason he was cut was his $5 million cap hit. Good sign for the Jets.

  5. This signing is a low risk, potential high reward (if he stays healthy) move. Very similar to the Laron Landry move last year…I like what Idzik is doing considering the cap mess he inherited.

  6. Good signing for the Jets. A solid, sometimes dominant player, and a popular, hard-working guy.

    He’s been one of my favourite Chargers since he joined the team so I’m sorry to see him go.

  7. I respect good football fans of any team.
    Then you have the trolls! You see some of them come to our blogs out of their desperate need to feel better knocking a professional. It makes their putrid lives seem better.
    How can you tell?
    Key words: clown, circus, Sanchez, Tebow, etc.
    These are the ones that just learned a safety is two points!

  8. Nice to see some intelligent fans speak favorably about a player that goes to the Jets.I like the moves so far all the while throwing out the trash ie:Pace.Scott etc.

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