Charlie Johnson restructures contract with Vikings


Tight end John Carlson wasn’t the only member of the Vikings to restructure his contract this week.

Guard Charlie Johnson also agreed to alter his deal to provide the Vikings with more cap room to use for signing wide receiver Greg Jennings, quarterback Matt Cassel and others. Tom Pelissero of reports that Johnson pared his base salary by $500,000 and lowered his cap number by the same amount.

Johnson had a $500,000 roster bonus due on Saturday, which the Vikings boosted by $250,000 as part of the restructure. It’s not a ton of money and his current cap number of $3.85 million and salary of $2.45 million might still be high given his production, but every little bit counts when you’re trying to strengthen the rest of the team.

This restructure might make it likelier that Johnson remains on the roster, it probably doesn’t do much to ensure he remains in the starting lineup. Johnson had a poor 2012 season and it would not be at all surprising to see the Vikings bring someone in to compete with him as the offseason progresses. Drafting Matt Kalil enabled them to move Johnson off of left tackle and upgrading at guard would be an obvious next step on the offensive line after securing right tackle Phil Loadholt’s return with a new contract.

14 responses to “Charlie Johnson restructures contract with Vikings

  1. Well, Charlie, be happy that you are a well-paid super sub. The good news for you is that most of the good FA guards are already off the market, and Schwartz is gone now too, so you might have another year of starting ahead of you. Please try to live up to your cap number this year.

  2. As a vikings fan, after years of dreading what our front office will do in the draft, and the offseason. I am finally starting to believe that Rick Spielman is becoming the the clear leader that is organization has been lacking for years, if not decades….

  3. Its a credit to Peterson that he got as many yards as he did in 2012 with Charlie Johnson starting on the OL. He has got to go as soon the Vikings find someone to replace him.

  4. As a Packer fan, I am impressed with the energy and action with which the Viking front office is moving. It’s not like the Packers have no room for improvement, but they don’t seem to have the sense of urgency other teams are displaying. I can only continue to trust the depth of the team, the impressive improvement of a very young secondary, and at least one immediate contributor from the draft. But I am somewhat jealous. It promises to be a very interesting 2013. Good luck to everybody.

  5. As a Viking 4life since 1968 that doesn’t mean that Charlie Johnson won’t get cut. Personally I’d like to see bigger guards as both guards are in the 300 pound range. I hate the Packers especially the fans but I respect them a lot, that being said (shades of Jamie Dukes) the Packers do the best job in the NFL of bringing along their own players. Several years ago when the Packers won the Super Bowl they had more players on IR than any other team in the league, that is most impressive. Lastly next to restructure their salary…………………….Jared Allen. I love’em but 17 million for 12 sacks last year “ain’t” going to cut it!

  6. Hey stellarperformance, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but why don’t you go and make comments about your Packers on a Packer related thread? I hate the Packers as much or more than you hate the Vikes, but I wouldn’t think of trolling around stories about your players. (unless they just signed with the Vikings)

  7. Exactly. Given stellar’s comments, I can hardly believe he is actually a packer fan. Hats off to the guy for displaying more class and objectivity than the rest of the gb fan base combined.

  8. Hopefully the Vikings will draft a bigger guard, or guards. Twice a year the larger DT’s from Green Bay and Detroit gave both Fusco, and Johnson a real hard time. If the fans can see them thrown around like rag dolls, what do their coaches see?

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