Jake Long never met with Dolphins over the weekend

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When tackle Jake Long returned to Miami after his extended visit with the Rams last week, word was that he was meeting with the Dolphins to discuss a contract that would allow him to remain with the team that drafted him first overall in 2008.

That word was incorrect, however. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke to Long after he decided to sign with the Rams and Long recounted what happened during his visit with the Rams as well as what happened when he returned to Florida. Or, more precisely, what didn’t happen.

“My wife and I, we came back and slept in our bed and just thought about what we wanted to do and what was best for us. Really just slept on it and wanted to think it through. And in the end St. Louis was the right place for us,” Long said. “I don’t know where that report came out, but I never went back to the facility. Nope. I didn’t meet with any of them. My wife and I were just relaxing and thinking things through. It was just me and her.

All accounts were that the Dolphins were making a strong push late to keep Long, although one wonders how close they ever came to keeping him without a meeting after Long’s lengthy time with the Rams. Long’s agent Tom Condon said it was more than a two-team race, which may be a reference to interest from the Steelers, but the winning team wound up being the one we thought it was going to be all throughout the first week of free agency.

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  1. They used a high draft pick last year to replace him, Andrew Luck’s former blindside protector is a natural LT.

    Maybe feign some interest in him to make the fan base feel better about it and not hate Ireland?

  2. I wish Jake Long the best of luck. The Dolphins made it clear they were letting him go. With performance drop and consecutive injured seasons he just became expendable at his asking price. Jonathan Martin did a great job moving from RT to LT. Not worried at all. No sour grapes here and hope he can return to former glory and then the Rams really got a good guy.

  3. bradford can have all the time he wants in the pocket but it wont matter when they have 0 WRs and no steven jackson

  4. Your last post called it a defection. If they didn’t try to meet with him it sounds more like he got kicked to the curb. They didn’t think he was worth what he wanted. End of story. Hope he returns to form but the Dolphins should be fine without him.

    JOSH ALPER: This is the first post I’ve written about Long since he signed with the Rams so not sure where you’re getting that I called it a defection.

  5. The wife makes the call and she chose the money, that’s a shocker! Just like Jeff Fisher’s decision to go to the Rams this will ultimately benefit the Dolphins.

  6. He went for the money… no big surprise. Watching him over the past several years isn’t what we saw with him coming out of college. He’s too young to be broken down but that is what it is/a big red flag.

    He’s gotten slower and jumps the snap due to not being able to move like he used to. Couple that with the fact he isn’t a zone blocker limited his value with the Dolphins.

    Getting younger and spending $ on playmakers is the plan now in Miami. They can get a tackle in the draft that will be a better in the zone blocking.

  7. I also think it is likely accurate that the Fins didn’t try to hard to sign him. I suspect they gave him their offer and that was it.

    In Florio’s earlier article (he hates the Fins) he talked about all the Fins FA’s getting away (Bush, Smith and Long), but frankly, I don’t think the team tried very hard to sign any of them. This team is going in a new direction under Philbin and frankly, I’m glad to see it.

  8. Yeah you guys are the smartest. Heres something you didnt know. There was no one around in Miami headquarters for Long to talk to, they had all bolted for Arizona and the owners meetings. You really think Miami was over rot with worry about Long signing with the Rams? Dont think so. Dolphins made their offer days before FA based on their knowledge of Longs injuries over the past 6yrs. Lets put this puppy to bed, seems you guys at PFT love beating dead horses, now you remind us of our favorite QB playing with dogs,,,dead dogs.

  9. He’s not the second coming of Orlando Pace, but this is a big signing for the Rams. This will allow them to move Saffold to the right side and improve two positions with one signing.

  10. Long is a better fit for St. Louis, as Miami wants to pass more. Long is not a pass first offensive tackle. He will strive in a power run attack. As much as I wanted Miami to retain him, he made the right decision. Now, St. Louis has a problem on their hands with Saffold because he already said he would request a trade if they signed Long. I expect,or should I say, hope Miami signs Eric Winston.

  11. No idea if the Dolphins were “over rot” about losing long, but they definitely were not overwrought about it. Hope it works out well for all concerned. That’s supposed to be the idea, isn’t it?

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