PFT Live: Will the Raiders turn heads in 2013?

Even though the Oakland Raiders have a lack of draft choices and little salary cap room to move around, head coach Dennis Allen believes the team will surprise people in 2013. Allen tells Mike Florio that the key for success is to string together good decisions.

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5 responses to “PFT Live: Will the Raiders turn heads in 2013?

  1. Ellen Degeneres, oops! I mean Dennis Allen is a good foundation in Oakland.

    He has the same vision as Reggie and I think Oakland can easily be a turn-around team in 2013. The firing of Knapp alone and letting more of Al Davis’s overpaid losers go will help.

  2. Oakland needs to just tank the seasons and get the first pick in the draft so they can then trade down. You heard it here first raider fans. We need to go 1-15, win the clowney sweepstakes then trade the pick. He will be worth atleast 2 first rounders…..DRAFT THE CLOWN AND TRADE DOWN….

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