ProFootballTalk: Are the Ravens rebuilding?

With Ed Reed being the latest player to leave Baltimore, it’s fair to wonder at this point to wonder if the Ravens are rebuilding. Mike Florio discusses if this is indeed the case, or if this is just a small bump in the road for the Super Bowl champions.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Are the Ravens rebuilding?

  1. Yeah they’re rebuilding. May not be by choice but you know they are. Decent amount of draft picks next month and should break records with compensatory picks next year (btw, if any one knows the formula to how the NFL decides how many comp picks a team gets, let me know.). Ozzie is pretty smart guy. Might be a few years, but they’ll be atop the afc north in no time …

  2. Joe Flacco showed no mercy, demanding the biggest contract in football history, deciding to take it all for himself rather than settle for a little less, so other players could stay. That’s changed everything. The players around Flacco carried him for 5 years, but Flacco is the one being paid like its the opposite. Talk about your backward situations.

    Ravens fans believing the fantasy that this is “just a three year deal, really” better not count on Flacco re-doing the deal. He’s already shown he wants it all for himself. The Ravens won the Bowl, but lost the future. Rebuilding isn’t a strong enough word for what’s going on here.

  3. Ravens have to rebuild. It’s called getting better.
    Ampatsis doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just a hating fan from another team. Listen to the “experts”, Ozzie, Eric D., John H. and others.
    They are the ones that HAVE to win to keep their jobs.

  4. Yeah, jack, I guess this site, ESPN and the NFL Network are all “haters” too because they’re pretty much saying the same thing. Or haven’t you bothered to read the title of this article? And I guess that flood of guys you lost is just in the imaginations of the haters too?

    Hey listen, I don’t blame Flacco for taking advantage of the lucky timing, but it’s going to affect the team for years. Sorry, just facts.

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