Trent Richardson feels new helmet rule is his fault


Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson’s hit on Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman last September was the primary example used by the league to illustrate what an illegal blow will look like under the league’s new rule implemented on Wednesday.

Now Richardson wants to apologize to the rest of the running backs that will be affected by the rule change.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Richardson feels it’s his fault the new rule is in place.

“I feel like I made it bad for all the backs. I feel like it’s my fault,” Richardson said.

Richardson lowered his head and drove the top of his helmet into Coleman’s chest. The blow sent Coleman’s helmet flying. Now the play would be flagged for a 15-yard penalty and violators could be fined. The new rule was passed by a 31-1 vote on Wednesday.

Richardson said he doesn’t intend to change his running style and will likely just have pay any fines that come his way. Even so, it’s an adjustment all running backs will have to make to avoid costly penalties and potential blows to their paychecks.

“I know why they did it, but I won’t say that I fully agree with it,” Richardson said. “I’m not saying it’s a dumb rule, but the backs are all talking about it and it’s kind of hard on us.”

52 responses to “Trent Richardson feels new helmet rule is his fault

  1. This is Roger Goodell’s fault. He’s going to ruin the game that I love.

    Football is a violent game. You can’t eliminate violence from it. The game is being ruined, and the phrase “player safety” is a good sounding crusade except for the fact that playing football isn’t safe. Goodell should be the commissioner of the flag football league. He’s destroying the NFL.

    Next year quarterback sacks will be banned. In addition tackling will be eliminated from football. Instead we’ll have tickling and group hugs. Not only that but there will be no more losers anymore. The two teams will continue to play until a tie is reached. That way nobody’s feelings will get hurt.

  2. Well, if they would all sign waivers then lawsuits wouldn’t be such a concern, and rules like this wouldn’t need to be passed. This rule is just as much about protecting the NFL from future litigation as it is protecting the back and the defender. The problem is, you could never get the players to agree to sign such a waiver. They want to make all of the money, but there is no way they are going to accept the risk and miss out on one last payday after they retire.

  3. I was just amazed Coleman still helped make the tackle, I thought that hit would have knocked him out cold.

  4. I just found out after a long day that the NFL passed the helmet rule. Initially when hearing about the proposed rule I brushed it off thinking that there is no way it’ll be passed, but my friends the end has finally come. The NFL’s reign over, I’m sick to my stomach thinking about the upcoming season where we’ll see inconsistent flags, confused players and outraged fans. Absolute heresy.

  5. Don’t worry Trent, they were ruining the game long before this. You are just the most recent example of classic football play being destroyed by lawyers.

  6. Tell players to strap on their chin straps. Every play helmets come flying off on movement alone. Especially o-linemen. But NFL is just soft – blame that Trent

  7. Don’t blame Richardson. Blame Goodell and the owners. Or if you MUST blame a player, blame Kurt Coleman.

  8. Lets just remove tackling and play flag football. So glad I played football in the 90’s before the sissy era. I suffered concussions, so what. There’s a price to pay for living a rugged life and its paid when you’re old. Tough men pay the price and don’t cry about it. This is all about money not player safety. Fraudulent Goodell claims its a safety issue but it never came up until lawsuits were filed. So thanks to the last generation of greedy broke football players football will be ruined. Every year I care less and less about the NFL. It doesn’t help that my team has the worst owners in the league. I’m sure that contributes to my mind state. That and my team is years away from being good. So by the time we get average or decent the rules will have ruined the game.

  9. Is this real life? This rule is going in because it isn’t fair that a linebacker can get flagged for helmet to helmet contact when players like Adrien Peterson are the one’s using their heads like a battering ram. Seriously, has everyone missed this? AP literally uses the top of his helmet as part of his entire game. No neckbeards I’m not stating AP isn’t an incredibly talented player but when he bashes into someone with the top of his helmet and can’t be called for that how is that fair?

  10. idk… This ones going to be tuff…. I like what Trent said… I feel him… If he’s willing to pay the fines that’s great because this extension will greatly effect the life of a running back… Especially one like Trent because he runs threw people… Trent doesn’t pride himself nor does he want to be an elusive back…

    Life will be tough for all backs but only to an extent… this change does favor the running backs making their livings by breaking a defenders ankles… & will inevitably shrink the market demand for those backs willing to go threw an obstacle, rather then around it….Cleveland should knowledge this & keep some compensation money handy for the inevitable fines that will be accumulated come the 2013 season…

    Unless Trent changes his game this addition will hurt him… He needs plays designed for him that will promote wide open spaces for him to run… & not clusters… He will need more room to roam because it will give him the extra time to make better decisions… (especially upon impact) This is one way The Browns could cope…

    Trent will need to exercise his field vision for awareness… So he can do his best to avoid a situation that may just end up getting him tossed from a game… He’s gotta think about that now… He made himself a little brighter on the radar when he emitted the words “I’ll still play the way I play”…. Granted Trent also expressed remorse, concern & went beyond himself in compassion with regards to the issue, the league officials could simply see this as a challenge of sorts & make a further example out of him just like that… Toss him from a game or two you know? He’ll be like the new James Harrison of rule breaking… They will do it!

    I don’t agree with the rule… It’s impossible to officiate… Too many variables to measure in sight of a split second… So much happens in that time & the officials should def. not be givin the opportunity to acquire anymore game changing power in this league… It’s tainted enough… T Rich I love your style man……

  11. Don’t sweat it, Trent. You just happen to be caught up in a war between the league and the players.

    You’d think that if RBs hitting with the crown of their helmets was such a rampant problem, they would’ve presented dozens of examples, but the NFL has no qualms about scapegoating individual players or teams.

  12. And what happens when the running back doesn’t put his head down and catches a helmet right underneath the chin by some defender who doesn’t care about the rules? Whiplash? Broken neck?

    Goodell needs to seriously sit down and think about what’s he’s doing. Legislating the violence out of football is a futile endeavor.

  13. I totally agree with tool of tools…This is the owners covering their butts for when this concussion lawsuit comes to a boil.I understand the lengths that have too be taken for player safety but players do know what their getting into.Thats why their payed so well.Our whole society derives of suing one another for everything.

  14. RBs have to start sliding before they get hit now?? GREAT!! They should propose a rule that doesn’t allow Goodell to propose anymore rules. Love how they finally figured out the tuck rule was a good idea.

  15. I think Trent needs to have a talk with James Harrison about ignoring fines and see where it got him.

    Escalating fines will lead to suspensions if he doesn’t change his ways.

  16. Meanwhile, the NFL is threatening to cancel the Pro Bowl because guys aren’t hitting hard enough.

    In other news, schizophrenics across the nation stop following pro football cuz it weirds them out, pine for return of BCS computers.

  17. The trent Richardson play is ridiculous. The defensive’s players chin strap was at his nose, his helmet was coming off with any collision.

  18. I wonder how the league will feel about it when a RB slides in the open field rather than remaining an upright target. It will eventually happen after RBs take a few shots.

  19. I’m in the minority here, because as the rule is written, I support it. It doesn’t ban lowering the helmet and slamming into the line. It bans open field spearing, which is already illegal on defense. I’m surprised its taken this long. If the tackler can’t spear, the ball carrier shouldn’t be able to either.

  20. Yes I am sure all you ‘experts’ are right, it’s a bad rule. Guys like jeff Fisher and the 31 club execs that voted for it don’t have a clue what football is about compared to you. Don’t they know that players are supposed to bury their heads and use the top of their helmet like a battering ram, that’s what football is about. No one ever taught you to keep your head up in football and use your shoulder pads, why would you do that when you can hit them with your head?
    Those dumb people, lucky they don;t make a living off football like all the experts commenting here!

  21. The result of the play is Coleman’s fault! Like most NFL players, he didn’t buckle his chin strap. I don’t know why no one notice that. I watched the play in slow motion a thousand times on NFL network and his helmet was half way off his head before he was hit. The outcome would have been avoided if he just buckled his chin strap! That is an easy thing to enforce and it does not put the outcome of games in the hands of refs. That and forcing players to wear their mouth guard. Both of these things have been discussed in certain studies as contributers to reducing concussions. Egads!

  22. Not your fault Trent, if the equipment guys would just get a grip on their jobs, helmets wouldnt pop off every play.

    Either that or Riddell is just making shoddy products.

  23. i think most of us have either had concussions or had ties to someone who has. I for one had a few and had some bad effects from one of them. That being said, this is absurd. The onus shouldnt be on how to alter the game as much but how to really help these players, because it is a vicious sport. The lawsuit issue arose because of flat out negligence on the part of the nfl to be care takers for their former and current players. They didnt want to spend the money to get them treated and they werent advanced enough in brain trauma to adequately help them. Thats where these lawsuits arose. No one cares about player safety, they care about their brand but theyre attempting to preserve their brand in the wrong manner. Tampering with the quality of the game is not going to help. Take care of the players and take the necessary steps to help them out, not withstanding intentional head blows. This game is becoming a farce and is going to be near-impossible to watch after this regime gets done with it…

  24. I think it’s a good rule. let’s face it, on that play if he keeps his head up and barrels into him at full speed, he still gets the same amount of yards. And no one gets “hurt.”

  25. Um tarnutz do you know the effect of a 200+ pound defender running at you full speed on an offensive player standing straight up… probably not but hey you like the rest of the decision makers likely never played a down of football its easy to agree with it on paper but in the trenches is where it counts

  26. Yes, how dare Trent Richardson run forward knowing that poor Philadelphia Eagle didn’t have his helmet on properly.

    What makes matters worse is that it was his first ever NFL game and did it all of 0 times over the next 15 games. On top of that, Richardson broke his ribs that season which is an injury someone who leads with his helmet doesn’t get.

    I’m just hoping it’s one of those rules like the “defensless receiver” where it is only enforced in a situation where someone gets hurt (which Coleman didn’t by the way)

  27. I am willing to keep an open mind on the new rule, especially when someone like Jeff Fisher – whom I respect very much – feels so passionately about it.

    But I just watched the Trent Richardson hit on Kurt Coleman, and I fail to see how the new rule would have made the play any safer. If Richardson lifts his head and hit with his “forehead” instead of the crown of his helmet, he would still have hit Coleman in the chin or face mask and knocked his helmet off.

  28. Used as a prime example of what will become an illegal hit but the result was no one got really hurt.

    Pollard and Ridley collide in what is widely known to be completely legal on both sides yet Ridley is left unconscious and Pollard probably had a concussion but was too tough to say anything.

    Point being you can’t fix it, it is inherently violent.

  29. This rule is a legal formality; that’s it. Calm down, everyone. Officials will throw the flag on running back spearing…what, maybe five times all season? Way too subjective for such a split-second event. Officials will keep the flags in their pockets on this one.

  30. God, everybody is just bitching about this rule!! It is only enforced outside of the tackle box! All the runner has to do is turn his head to the side when he makes contact which is actually the correct way to initiate any sort of hit. Lead with your shoulder and drive through the guy. Or how about a stiff arm? You DON’T need to spear people with the top of your head. Everybody just calm the hell down, and runnings backs, don’t initiate contact with the top of your head (which is dumb anyways) and everything will be golden! Sheesh!

  31. What Trent Richardson did should have been flagged, it puts him in just as much harm. Lowering his head like that could end up getting him paralyzed one day. If you deliver a blow by lowering your head it should be flagged, but there is also a fine line between what should be called and shouldn’t. Its all how the referees see it, which we all know could be huge issue..

  32. If they didn’t use Trent, they would have picked someone else. If they’re going to penalize defensive players for even breathing on ball carriers then it’s only fair to penalize offensive players for initiating helmet to helmet contact.

    Or, we could just go back to the old rules with REASONABLE modifications before the slimeball lawyers and Goodell got their dirty mitts on the rules.

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