Rex Ryan has no gut feeling about who the Jets’ QB will be


Jets coach Rex Ryan doesn’t know who his starting quarterback will be this season, and he doesn’t even have a good guess.

Asked on ESPN Radio in New York if he has a gut feeling who the Jets’ starter will be, Ryan answered, “No, I don’t.”

What Ryan said everyone should expect in Jets camp is a competition, although he didn’t name any of the players who will be involved in that competition other than Mark Sanchez. It’s also expected that David Garrard and Greg McElroy will be in the mix, and the Jets may also add a free agent like Kevin Kolb or draft a quarterback. (Quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Matt Simms are on the roster as well, but no one expects either of them to compete for the starting job.)

“I think it’s going to be a position, obviously, where we’re bringing in competition,” Ryan said. “I don’t think there’s a clear-cut favorite in my opinion. I just think it’s going to be competition from day one. Sanchez will take the first snap, but that’s all you can say. It’s going to be an open competition.”

Ryan said the Jets have to get better at quarterback, whether that means Sanchez playing better in 2013 than he did in 2012 or someone else unseating Sanchez.

“I haven’t lost confidence in Mark, but I do know this: The play at quarterback has to get better,” Ryan said. “There’s no doubt. Whether it’s Mark or someone else we know we have to improve in that area without a doubt. I guess we can file that in the ‘no kidding’ category, but that’s it: It has to get better. I believe that Mark will get a lot better but I also believe there’s going to be stiffer competition than there was in past years.”

Ryan also said he does not view this as a rebuilding year. If they’re not better in 2013 than they were in 2012, however, 2014 will be a rebuilding year for the Jets. With a new head coach.

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  1. Agree with Rex that the QB play has to be better…….Seems to be putting more distance between himself and Mark. Get ready for QB change as that is the first thing a coach does when his QB of record is about to be benched.

  2. We know that “guaranteeing” that Sanchez and the Jets would win the Super Bowl was Wreck’s #1 regret (actually 1 & 1a since he did that twice)

    #2 would have to be his emphatic “guarantee” that Sanchez would remain the starter “as long as I am head coach”

  3. How can you blame Rex for this? The GM is suppose to be signing the best talent around to make the best team. Rex is left with a JV team going against varsity. I think they want him to fail at this point. I mean 7-11 defensive starters were let go?

  4. No gut feeling on who will start at QB, but he’s damn sure they’re winning the Super Bowl.

  5. I think Sanchez ends up winning it in the end and does surprisingly well in Morhinwegs scheme but it stalls against better teams because its a lot of smoke and mirrors.. that being said, if Garrard plays like he did in 09′ during training camp its gonna be near impossible for Mark to take the job

  6. I’m not a big Tebow fan… but it was pretty dang stupid not to put him in towards the end of the year. Heck, maybe he goes 3-0 and someone is dumb enough to trade for him.

    Instead you give away some picks, waste some money, and have nothing to show for it.

  7. I feel back for Rex’s wife, she has an appt at the tattoo palor and doesn’t even know which QB to put on her other arm. He better not make a mistake on this one, she’s running out of room.

  8. Tebow will not be with the Jets, but he will still be in the league. I am guessing at this, but I’m going to say maybe Dallas or Seattle. Dallas as a wildcat/gadget type QB or Seattle as a learning back-up to Russell Wilson, who might be able to help Tebow out.

    As for the Jets, If Ryan doesn’t believe that the team is in re-build mode, then he needs glasses. There will be a big difference in average age from last season to this one. Yes, rebuild mode.

  9. Rex just needs to concentrate on defense. If he can field a good defense this year the season will have been a success despite whatever their win/loss record is. He sounds deflated when he talks about the offense.

  10. What a dope! He waits for the year before his contract is up to make a change at qb!! He deserves to get canned and bc of his infatuation of stankchez he will never get another hc job in the nfl again! Worst thing is sanchez made abt 4 times what ryan did over the 4 years so rex was it worth it dope?!!

  11. Jets fans should comfort in the feeling that the trolls come over to Jets articles.

    – to repeat their stupidity

    -as bandwagoners still can’t pick a winning team until December

    -once again prove that NY is the center of the universe

    -their creativity couldn’t save their lives

    -lives, what lives?

  12. Well, you have QB on your roster who spent last year proving he wasn’t a starting caliber QB.

    You have an aging vet whose best days are far behind him.

    You have another young QB who you can’t stand, and who the owner brought here without your input for the sole purpose of selling tickets. Nevermind this QB put together an 8-4 record his only season as a starter in the league (and won a playoff game), no he just looks bad, so forget that. Besides if he did do well, Rex’s precious ego couldn’t afford the embarrassment.

    That leaves Greg McElroy. Even if Garrad happens to win the early job, Greg McElroy will be the starter by mid-season. Unless the Jets go get someone else, he’s their best bet, at least than Ryan’s ego can handle.

  13. “boston444 says:
    Mar 22, 2013 3:49 PM
    Garrard is the most talented. Will be starting by week 4”

    Lol that’s not saying much the Pillsbury Dough Boy is terrible.

    In fact all the options the Jets have for a QB are terrible.

  14. Hey Rex, how about Ernie Stupelmeyer, runs a deli on Third Ave? He doesn’t know anything about quarterbacks, but neither do you, so it’d be a perfect fit.

    For those that want to challenge my thought, I’ll ask you; WHAT happened to Sanchez? Great QB in college, joins the Jets, has two better than expected seasons, and then seemingly, he fell apart. I watched him at the Clink, and he was awful. When a QB goes downhill that fast, I start looking at the coaching. There is just no way a good QB, like Sanchez, implodes like that, on his own.

  15. Rex said earlier this week Sanchez gets first crack at QB. After the last 2 years he had many chances to change QB’s with Sanchez’s poor play but did not. Moving up in the draft to get him, Rex just would not demote him because it wouldn’t look good. BIG MISTAKE.

  16. I’m clicking on any article that has Rex Ryan and either “gut” or “foot” in the title. Nice job on the SEO, guys.

  17. If he hasn’t figured out by now that they will go nowhere with sancheez as Qb then he needs to be fired. they need to draft a QB in the 1rst or 2nd. let garrard give it try for a year, trade Markymark for a 5th rounder, and cut your losses fatty.

  18. gunpowderjones says:Mar 22, 2013 4:45 PM

    “repeat their stupidity” is a phrase only a stupid person would use, irjets

    In the spirit of your weak reading comprehension skills , kindly cite the error of that phrase. I am positive you have all week-end in which to respond.

  19. For the past 3 years Rex has unequivically given 100% confidence in Sanchez but now it’s open to competition. But Rexy says he “hasn’t lost confidence in Sanchez”…..doesn’t sound that way to me.

  20. I can’t believe Logicalvoice hasn’t chimed in yet to tell us that RGIII is better than any QB on the Jets’ roster…

  21. Whenever I feel like being on the “pity pot” over my Bears, all I have to do is think about how much worse it could be if I were a Jets fan. My heart goes out to you guys. Any team that has to endure the ineptness of a classless puke like Rex Ryan has my deepest sympathy!!!!

  22. Logicalvoice says:

    We are the mighty Redskins. RGIII is a god. He is better than any QB than any NY team will ever have. We will crush you under our mighty boots. You must be masochists to even want to root for any team that plays in the same league. All football fans should root for the ‘skins.

  23. Lrjets-last season when jets when 2-2 you claimed they were best in AFC. Then you turn to ghost rest of season. U MAD BRO?

  24. I’d say he’s got a lot of “gut feelings.” Not the good kind. Probably a lot of gas.

  25. straighcashhomey says:Mar 22, 2013 6:54 PM

    Lrjets-last season when jets when 2-2 you claimed they were best in AFC. Then you turn to ghost rest of season. U MAD BRO?

    Since you remember reading it with my authorship, kindly prove it since I never posted on Florio’s lap dog board until the never-ending attacks on the Jets this post-season.
    I happen to agree more than non-Jets fan do, but the daily repetition on Rex, his wife, Sanchez, Tanny is redundant.
    We feel it more than the haters. I am sure this never happened when we went 3-13. It’s Rex I imagine and Woody’s poor ownership.
    I’ve never said the Jets were the best in the AFC.
    Especially true when Brady became the starter. I am probably a Jets fan before you were born, and I know how fast a season can go south.

    But nice try.

  26. Thankfully he has enouigh gut for this decision.
    If he needs more, he could ask the Saints’ new DC

  27. This thing’s over. They’ve gotten worse every year of his tenure.

    Get him out of there and give the Pats some competition again.

    It was pretty cool for a while that the Pats can smoke the division most years, but it’s time to get back to competitiveness and build some hatred.

  28. lrjets,

    all your comments are directed at posters who mock your favorite team. Why get so upset maybe because the truth hurts? The Jets have gone from an AFC Championship team to a bottom 5 team in the NFL in just two short years.

    But on the positive side, Clowney is the favorite in Vegas to become a Jet in 2014 draft!!

  29. Who cares!? Another no news story about the jets. Almost everyday its the same bullsh!t with a changed headline. Enough already, seriously, anyone learn anything new besides what the date is today. Revis is still there, Sanchez is well..Sanchez, Tebow is still the 2nd string place holder and Rex is still, well Rex.

  30. Funny, but with all the posts and stories saying Sanchez was done, I’d actually begun thinking he was no longer a Jet. But the starting job is still his to lose. Hey, if Garrard were the guy … he’d have been starting in Jacksonville all this time. As a Bama fan, I know McElroy’s strengths and would take him over Sanchez, but not sure he’s a franchise QB. Still … I’d give him more work in camp than the other guys on the current roster.

  31. Maybe, just maybe Rex will get it this year and bench Sanchez. But I doubt it. Another season of pain and suffering for jets fans. As a dolphin fan I can say I sympathize because I have seen the dolphins owner doom us with coaches and players that kept us under 500 for years.

  32. I was holding out that a true QB competition would occur but sadly my concerns & suspicions about Rex repeating the same infatuations about Sanchez are now confirmed.

    THE MAN IS STILL NOT CONNECTED TO REALITY!!! he doesn’t know we’re in a rebuilding phase?????????????!!!!! ……”I haven’t lost confidence in Mark….” ???????????????Wwwwwaahhhhhhhaaaaattttttt!!!!!!

    In order to bring some sanity to the situation Im leaving this reality by creating my own. I am announcing that @jetsnow is officially taking over as Fantasy Head Coach duties for the New York Jets to give Rex some pointers on (hopefully his last year) being a Head Coach.. My first directive as follows…. Ok so To hold out for getting something back on our $8M investment and not give up all your hope on Sanchez while not making us all think you’ve completely lost it challenge Mark with a shot off indirect confidence by saying something coachspeak to the effect of “Yes its obvious we’ve all lost confidence in Mark but he’s come to a cross road in his career & has a great opportunity now to show us all he can turn it around & demonstrate his ability & what he’s truly made of. Its totally up to him.”

    I’ve love his defenses, but he’s just too much of a liability as a head coach!!! Like I’ve said Its shaping up to be a lllllloooonnnnnggggg off season

  33. So what? This is a surprise after the crap Sanchez displayed last season?

    All Jet fans know there future QB is not in the 2013 roster.

  34. cwk22 says:Mar 22, 2013 9:40 PM

    Maybe, just maybe Rex will get it this year and bench Sanchez. But I doubt it. Another season of pain and suffering for jets fans. As a dolphin fan I can say I sympathize because I have seen the dolphins owner doom us with coaches and players that kept us under 500 for years.

    Good post with fairness and truth!

  35. i kinda feel sorry for Jets fans, they have no true future with sanchez, theyre not gona admit he was a bust and move away from him, instead they extend him, no WR, no RB, lost most of their defensive “stars” , no wonder the patriots love them in their division, 2 guaranteed wins a year

  36. This is why I’m ecstatic they got a new GM. If Mike T. was still there, without a doubt Rex would have said sanchez will start. He can’t separate wins from loyalty to a bad qb. Well, the sanchez buttfumble experience is over with Jet fans. With John, anything can happen.

  37. What difference does it make who starts!!! The Jets are IRRELEVANT for at least 3 years after they finally rid themselves of Rexxy. And they’ve wasted a year by keeping him around for this year. Pay him off and find a legit coach. Maybe he should have kissed a ring…some intelligence might have rubbed off!!!!

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