Charlotte plans to keep pushing for state money for stadium


North Carolina’s governor has said that state money won’t be made available for proposed renovations to Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers.

But that won’t stop folks in Charlotte from asking.

According to Steve Harrison of the Charlotte Observer, the City Council plans to try once again to persuade the legislature to increase the local prepared food and beverage tax by one half-cent to assist the project.

If that doesn’t work, the renovations will fall $62.5 million short.  And the city doesn’t plan to increase its $144 million share.

Other possibilities include using money from the Convention Center fund.

Meanwhile, Panthers president Danny Morrison (pictured with owner Jerry Richardson) declined comment to the Observer.  And, possibly, all that that implies.

While Richardson has not hinted at a possible move, his intent to have the team sold within two years of his death means that the buyer could opt for relocation — especially if the deal that would hold the team in place for 15 years falls through due to the absence of state money.

14 responses to “Charlotte plans to keep pushing for state money for stadium

  1. From a Charlotte citizen, Jerry Richardson needs to pay for the renovations himself. I know this will never happen, but given the presence of fellow multi-millionaire and NASCAR track owner Bruton Smith in town, and his DIY approach to funding, it’s gonna be hard to sell anyone local to the area on an NFL franchise needing public help

  2. Richardson must be a ‘Curt Schilling Republican’: no handouts for anyone except themselves.

  3. Ask Concord/Cabarrus County residents about NASCAR track owner Bruton Smith’s DIY approach to funding? How much did he demand for track improvements and renovations?

  4. So sad. If Jerry Richardson does not want to invest his own money into his business then he should sell his business.
    He is not the only guy in Charlotte with money.

  5. At least someone in Charlotte has some sense to push the issue. The Panthers are a valuable asset to the Carolinas. And Atlanta’s mayor is right: “Cities either invest immediately or allow a franchise to leave and spend several times more attempting to lure a replacement.” This is a bargain, and if you don’t think so you’re a moron. Forget deadspin, forget polls against funding, and forget Raliegh politicians! If we don’t help the Panthers out with renovations they may decide to forget Charlotte, and that bones the city and the Carolinas.

  6. I despise taxpayers being forced to fund improvements to buildings that they aren’t allowed into/cannot use without a ticket, but it’s really heinous when they don’t even get to vote on the increase.

  7. No public money to billionaire owners of pro sports teams. Just say no. If they they buy a team they should anticipate that the stadium needs repairs (or replacement). Get your hands out of our pockets.

  8. You gotta love all these right wing capitalist’s like Richardson who whine about America being socialist but they have no problem taking money from society to build their stadiums!

  9. NC budget is bad enough, NFL doesn’t pay taxes and some jurk owner wants help. Let them sit with empty seats and see how far it goes.

  10. By the way if NC NFL is important in NC, living in Raleigh I see more Redskin and Steelers jersey in one weekend than Panther ‘s in a completer year.

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