ProFootballTalk: Will fans embrace openly gay player?

It’s being reported a gay NFL player is seriously considering coming out within a couple months, and Mike Florio wonders what the reaction will be when and if this happens. Players seem ready to accept an openly gay athlete, but will fans embrace it?

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will fans embrace openly gay player?

  1. I know I would, but I’m not sure how the fans as a whole will take this. It’ll probably be split down the middle at best. I think it’s one of those where the players will be more accepting than the fans will be, but in the end the fans aren’t in the locker room, they aren’t on the team, they aren’t on the field so it shouldn’t matter to the fans anyways.

  2. I don’t think its as simple a question – you can’t generalize “fans”. Many of my good friends are gay, but other friends I have would never accept them. This will be all over the map, some fans will be fine, others will not.

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