Jason Campbell lands in Cleveland

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The quarterback competition in Cleveland just got a little more competitive.

Per multiple reports, Jason Campbell has signed a two-year deal with the Browns.

He joins a depth chart that currently includes Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, and Thaddeus Lewis.

Campbell spent 2012 as Jay Cutler’s backup in Chicago, after being supplanted in Oakland by the acquisition of Carson Palmer.  Chosen by the Redskins in round one of the 2005 draft, Campbell has 71 career starts.

At 31, Campbell is less than two years older that Brandon Weeden, a rookie first-rounder in 2012.

55 responses to “Jason Campbell lands in Cleveland

  1. Hey Cleveland, get ready for some sweet check-downs, throwing for 5 yards on 3rd down when you need 8 yards, and heaps of emotionless “I just ate a bland ham sandwich” faces!

  2. I’d give Thaddeus Lewis a chance. Guy came off the practice squad and nearly beat the steelers. steeler fans are still squawking about beating the Ravens where Charlie Batch (a proven vet) played, yet they seem to forget about nearly losing to a Practice Squad player.

  3. Who has the Worst Set of QB’s the Jets, Browns or Cardinals. Even the Washed Up Old Steelers should be able to finish above the Weeden/Campbell Lead Browns LMAOOO

  4. He was selected one pick after Aaron Rodgers. Imagine how things could’ve ended up!

  5. I’m really pissed-off. I beat out Campbell in Chicago but no one from Cleveland called me!

  6. The Browns will always be the Browns. MEDIOCRE.

    The organization will always be inept.
    The team will always be talent deficient.
    The fans will always be delusional……..then disappointed…..AGAIN.

    Why doesn’t Goodell just do us all a favor and eliminate the team from the league and let Jimmy play with his truck stop toys that he inherited

  7. Weeden is the starter. Campbell will be #2, and Lewis #3. The only competition will be between Campbell and McCoy for backup. I think McCoy is done in Cleveland, and will be traded somewhere.

  8. At least Campbell is a better QB than the one legged, overrated, overhyped fraud in Washington now

  9. Why now?

    Why not feign interest in picking Geno Smith or Barkeley @ #6 for potential trade value to gain a 2nd Round pick?

    It’s not like multiple teams were hot for Jason Campbell…could have done this move in May…

    Not to mention, as a Browns fan, I’m not all that enamored with Campbell…Weeden can give the team the same things for less $$ while you draft and develop your own.

  10. I was really excited when we brought this guy in to back up cutler. Then watching captain check down lose a couple games I am just as excited to see him go.

  11. What’s going on here? Did Seneca Wallace change his name?
    Man am I excited about about the changes being made to this team, (yawn…).

  12. Campbell’s best attribute is the cool Air Force cadet mustache.

    He can’t read the field quick enough to anticipate an open receiver. If he doesn’t see a hat wide open, he dumps it.
    Has no deep ball or sideline pass.
    None. Ever. A deep pattern ends with the receiver and DB waiting for the ball to come down like baseball outfielders. His sideline pass generally finds an open man. Standing on the sidelines. Three yards out of bounds.
    Good luck with him. For two years.

  13. I would not mind seeing McCoy now replace Campbell as Jay’s backup in Chicago…He cannot be any worse than Captain Checkdown.

  14. @davekezer
    “Hey Cleveland, get ready for some sweet check-downs, throwing for 5 yards on 3rd down when you need 8 yards, and heaps of emotionless “I just ate a bland ham sandwich” faces!”

    Get ready? What the hell do you think has been going on here for the past 14 years!?

  15. “If Brandon Weeden can’t beat this guy, he Should retire.”

    The things some ‘fans’ say. Jason Campbell is a BALLER! He is a good QB that has had the misfortune of having his career held down by almost every odd and end imaginable. Before the injury he was lighting it up in Oakland.

  16. It really isn’t a bad signing, and the guy has played behind some of the worst lines in football over his career and a new offense every year.

    I get the hunch they aren’t done tinkering with the QB position. This could lead to the trade of Weeden while they could still probably get a 4th for him. Not sure if they draft a guy high, trade for Mallett or draft a guy low but something is in the works.

  17. I could see Weeden who worked with Tresman in Chicago for the injury prone and seemingly plateaued Cutler. Big arm and Tresman liked him.

  18. “At least Campbell is a better QB than the one legged, overrated, overhyped fraud in Washington now”

    Haha, good one, iknoweverything! Very subtle way of reminding us that NOT getting that one legged, overrated, overhyped fraud in Washington is the main reason why the Holmgren regime got kicked outta Cleveland in the first place! LOL!! Love your sense of irony!

  19. I’m on the side of the fence that thinks Cleveland just upgraded at QB. Campbell is no franchise QB but he brings experience and talent with him. Norv Turner runs a similar offense to what Joe Gibbs run. The Don Coryell scheme and Campell is suited for that. Give him protection and he WILL launch sixty to seventy yard rockets. I think Campbell comes with at least a seven to eight win record per season. give him a running game and a stout Defense and forget Boomer Esiason I’m thinking Bernie Kosar.

    P.S. I stand by my Ohio comments the other day.

  20. And folks really wonder why Cleveland is always in the basement? Are they trying to compete with the Jets for the worst collection of QBs in the NFL?

  21. i like colt but he is not suited for the type of offense the team wanta due to arm strength. hes got some but not as much as weeden or campbell, both of whom could do well.. also, get a better o-line? our line was pretty good last year, especially when compared to previous years…. lets relax and see how everything pans out.. sheesh snow in late march must mess with some fans brains

  22. “LMAOOOOOOOO. If Brandon Weeden can’t beat this guy, he Should retire.”

    Or become a backup QB and make a good amount of money?

  23. It doesn’t matter who the QB is. The main factor about Cleveland to remember is

    Head Coach: Rob Chudzinski

    Offensive Coordinator: Norv Turner

    Derek Anderson has a winning record under a Chud offense.


    and I hear they have a pretty decent running back there too.

    That team could have easily had 9 wins in 2012 and were in the playoff hunt briefly in October/November. They actually have coaching with real experience now with a talented team. I know their owner said not to expect 13-3 but I wouldn’t be surprised with 10-6 no matter which one of their 3000 QB’s they put out there.

  24. Chicago can do better than him anyway. they can find a better back up in the 2nd round of the draft. Emery will fix this one easy but I think he should go O-line at 20 this year

  25. You people amuse me. “Get ready for 5 yard check downs on 3rd and 8″…have you watched a Browns game in the last couple of years?….we already are. “Browns will always be in the basement”…learn some NFL history. They were competetive year in and year out in the division and close to the Super Bowl in the late 80’s. They were picked my many respected writers to go to the Super Bowl in 95 before the move was announced. Al Lerner took the team from an expansion, 2-14 team to the playoffs in 4 years and the wheels fell off after he died. New ownership and direction now after the Randy Lerner days….you’ll all see what I’m talking about soon.

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