ProFootballTalk: Raiders need to discover gold not silver

The Oakland Raiders have become a black hole for first round draft picks. In the last ten years, the Raiders have drafted in the top five seven times, yet only one of those players is still on the roster. Thanks to the Carson Palmer trade, the Raiders don’t have a second round pick this year, so they need to strike gold with the third overall pick.

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Raiders need to discover gold not silver

  1. Just when I try to assure myself we made some great under the radar additons to the front 7, I realize this QB controversary is going to plague Oakland.

    Lets hope Tracy Porter has a good visit tomorrow and doesn’t leave.

  2. I’m hoping Porter can sign, and they can trade down and get a DT, DE, CB, RB, WR, ILB, TE and QB – hopefully, all sleeper to starters this year.

    no pressure, right?

  3. Trade down get a 2nd .. get the best available DE/DT availablr..a good pass rush will disguise a weak secondary…and shoot for a nice CB with the 2nd rounder and hopefully get a solid TE or a MLB and well be fine…dmac Moore ford and CP3 havnt forgot how to play football…our Oline is middle of the pack mayb worse bt we can live with it. We HAVE to start with D. I wouldn’t mind using all our picks on D this year.

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