A team-by-team look at remaining cap space


Earlier in the day, we listed the 13 teams that have at least $10 million in cap space.  Many of you wanted to know about the other 19.

So here’s the full list of remaining cap space, as of March 26.

The numbers are based on NFLPA calculations.  As we’ve seen in the past, it’s possible that a discrepancy exists between the NFL and the players union.

In the offseason, a team’s total cap expenditure comes from the top 51 players on the payroll.

34 responses to “A team-by-team look at remaining cap space

  1. The Bengals have had back-to-back playoff appearances and are still sitting on almost $30M of cap space. That’s impressive.

  2. I’ll play for the cowboys for 50k…but they’ll have to invent a new position called “left side useless guy”.

  3. And yeaaaap! There we are Jerry at the bottom of that list. Jerry said something a while back about him demanding credit if Dallas won the Superbowl? Can’t have it both ways old man. You also take credit for this stunt.

  4. If the Raiders really are only $2.8 million under the cap, even after releasing Kelly earlier today, then Palmers days in Oakland are definitely numbered.

  5. can anyone on here help me understand how a team like the Raiders can be BOTH —AT THE SAME TIME—totally hapless on the field yet have have no cap spacr FOR A DECADE—how is it possible?????????????

  6. Cheapskate Joe Banner will keep the Browns near the top of available cap space!

    How else can he justify his 3MM+ salary to Jimmy Haslam?

  7. don’t teams get additional $ to sign their draft picks? not sure how it works bit I think they do at some point after free agency

  8. Actually the Kansas City Chiefs still has 35.7 to 45.8 Million to spend.

    also the Bengals only have about 10.8 to 17.9 million to spend.

    The Dallas Cowboys also has about 9.8 to 15.9 million to spend as well

    These cap space numbers are inaccurate.

  9. Seeing all these teams not spending money or spending too much money makes me proud to be a Broncos fan. I can live with 8 mil. Elway is doing a great job at balancing the roster with youth and experience while building thru the draft. If Osweiler is even Jake Plummer decent we will still be in good shape. Go Broncos!

  10. Uh, Spotrac has the Raiders at 11 mil under the cap considering today’s transactions. I suggest you go get your team’s true figures there…

  11. Why shouldn’t there be a discrepancy? It’s not like we are in the digital age and accounting is supposed to be exact with ALL of the numbers adding up correctly. We’ll sort out the money later; it’s always reconciled later.

  12. Of course the Bengals have more cap space than eevy other teams. That’s because Mike Brown is CHEAP”. What else is new?

  13. “If the Raiders really are only $2.8 million under the cap, even after releasing Kelly earlier today, then Palmers days in Oakland are definitely numbered.”

    These numbers are of as of March 26th, Kelly was cut today on the 27th. If the numbers posted on here are correct the Raiders should have around 7.8 million in cap space after Kellys release.

  14. But Mikey Boy, I thought your favorite team the Eagles had some of the LOWEST cap space? But that’s not what you’re reporting?

    So you were either wrong, or biased. I’ll guess both, actually.

  15. 13arod says:
    Mar 27, 2013 8:55 PM
    you know what is crazy why do baseball gm’s have more money then football gm’s makes no sense
    Not all baseball teams have more money than football teams. Do you think the K.C. Royals are going to spend like the Yankees or the Dodgers? Plus don’t forget that the NFL has has cost certainty. It’s called a “salary cap”. That’s what limits NFL teams spending ability. Without that, the Jets and the Giants would probably just try to buy championships the way the Yankees and the Dodgers try to. And Buffalo and Green Bay would have ceased to exist years ago.

  16. Lol those who say Mike Brown is cheap. They are in great cap shape. Have to extend Green, Adkins, Johnson, and Dalton. The ravens lost a lot of talent by not preparing to pay Flacco. Bengals will be fine

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