Chase Blackburn tweets that he’s joining the Panthers


Having been replaced by a former Panthers backup, Chase Blackburn is now a Panthers backup.

The former Giants linebacker just tweeted an apparent deal with the Panthers, after eight years in New York.

Blackburn became expendable when the Giants signed former Panthers and Cowboys linebacker Dan Connor. In Charlotte, he’ll back up a solid trio in Luke Kuechly, Jon Beason and Thomas Davis.

The Panthers released linebacker James Anderson in a salary cap move, and Blackburn gives them depth there again in case either Beason or Davis don’t hold up physically.

While Blackburn’s not a flashy name, it’s another solid buy for new Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman, not coincidentally, formerly of the Giants.

19 responses to “Chase Blackburn tweets that he’s joining the Panthers

  1. As a Giants fan, I’m disappointed. This guy always seemed to be around the ball. Hopefully Conner can be as good.

  2. As a Giants fan, I can officially say this sucks. Love Chase Blackburn. Not flashy, just dependable. Always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and always played his heart out. Best of luck, Chase. You will be missed in NY.

    Can’t wait for the stupid commentary from flavordave and logicalvoicesays. Maybe Blackburn was trying to get away from stupid NFC East “fans” like those 2.

  3. Cool. Still 6-10. Anderson will be back b/c no one wants him. We still don’t have a starting caliber defensive back on the team. But hey guys, Tavon Austin, AMIRITE!?

  4. Anderson signed with Chicago so that’s a wrap. As far as our DB situation they need to get Gamble out of retirement and take a look at the honey badger in the draft. We also need a smart playmaker in the secondary. Can you say Charles Woodson boys and girls??

  5. Panthers just bought a very good player. This guy will do whatever they ask and give everything he’s got. Great pickup.

  6. Damn i loved Chase Blackburn good luck in Carolina my man, i will never forget that time you picked off Tom Brady in the SuperBowl. You will be missed in NY.

  7. I’ll definitely miss the guy and his goofy hair. No, he’s not the sexy name, but as was said before, he made plays when it counted. And he’s got a pair of rings to show for it. Luckily, I do believe the Panthers are on the up and up.

  8. Man, NYG is gonna miss ya Chase.

    Carolina is getting a baller.

    Good luck and stay healthy. Once Blue always Blue.

  9. As a Giants fan I’ll miss the effort but that’s it. Sub par ability. Now herzlich can take his rightful spot on the team he should have had the day he was signed. Buhbye.

  10. Chase plays all out and with all heart on every play. Not the most athletic guy, but definitely has been one of my favorites.

    Good luck Chase! Always a Giant!

  11. As sad as it is for him to be leaving and as I Giants fan, I loved his effort and spirit. But the truth is he could never crack the starting line-up since he’s been there. He couldn’t get the MLB position after Pierce left. They had to go get others including Boley. They let him go last year an no one picked him up so the he came back due to injuries to others and played damn well. But you knew he was a stop gap. And this time at least he was signed by another team. Good for him.

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