Lattimore hears applause at Pro Day workout


Former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore showed up for his Pro Day workout, less than six months after suffering a severe and gruesome knee injury.

According to the Associated Press, Lattimore heard loud applause from former teammates, coaches, and scouts from the 31 NFL teams who attended the workout.

But Lattimore worked for roughly 15-20 minutes, catching passes in a limited window of movement.  He also performed some of his rehab drills for the scouts.

Lattimore was regarded as a sure-fire first-round selection before injuring his knee.  He may not be able to play in 2013.

27 responses to “Lattimore hears applause at Pro Day workout

  1. I hope this kid makes a team. I’d rather have him spend an entire year on IR as a Steeler than Ahmad Bradshaw or Beenie Wells spend half a season on it.

  2. What else can we say…guy is bad@ss and his character/work ethic is in the spotlight.

  3. miguelromerorhpat says:
    Mar 27, 2013 3:41 PM
    i wonder what logicalvoices will say about this…

    probably something like… “top 5 running backs in the NFL alfred morris, clintion portis, roy helu, john riggins, bob griffin… in that order!”

  4. It always sucks when you hear about a terrible injury like that let alone to a college player. I hope he can recover and make a name for himself in the NFL I love the way he plays the game- reminds me a lot of Terrell Davis.

  5. He will attract as much attention as Willis McGahee did coming out of college. McGahee was injured but taken in the first round. There will be one team that thinks a lot of him, regardless of his injury. In the end Lattimore could end up becoming a big weapon.

  6. Some team is going to land a bargain in the later rounds. This is like the Willis McGahee situation. He is a fantastic player.

  7. 49ers will snag him and IR him for 2013. Then use their other 3245 picks on trades and needs. But in all seriousness, with all the picks they have they can afford a higher mid-rnd pick on him without it affecting their draft.

  8. 49ers and a few others could easily afford to take a flyer and stash this kid for a year. Gore is likely on his last year as starter and there are a couple older backs you can make the same case for. This kid has heart and determination. Bet he still ends up a beast in the nfl

  9. If he can join the Redskins, its money in the bank that he makes it in the NFL as a superstar. Everyone wants to join the Redskins, especially players recovering from injuries. They all know the Redskins have by far the best medical staff in football. That’s one of the many reasons the Redskins are a perennial Super Bowl team and the best franchise in NFL history. HTTR.

  10. Good for him, man. For real. I wish him a long career. For that to happen when you are projected to be top of the class at your position is horrible. I’ll be rooting for him anywhere he goes…even if it is to Quittsburgh (please, don’t make him go to Quittsburgh)

  11. I think they should have done one of those modern interpretation helmets- with just the head of the dolphin- with it’s mouth open- and fangs… yeah, fangs.


  12. Don’t think he’ll last until late 3rd round. Fits would seem to include: SF, GB, Indy, Cincy, Miami, Denver, Jax, AZ or NE in the late 2nd or early 3rd round.

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