When schedule comes out, Polamalu looks at December first


Steelers safety Troy Polamalu grew up in California and played college football at USC.  But when it comes to his pro career, Polamalu has become a cold-weather guy.

He explained on Friday’s Pro Football Talk that, when the schedule comes out for the next season, he first searches the last month of the year.

“I look to see who we play for in December,” Polamalu said.  “I always look to see like where our warm games are and where our cold games are.  So like, playing outdoors in Green Bay is not too exciting, playing outdoor or indoor in December is always exciting for us cold-weather teams.  The unique thing about the AFC North is that we don’t have a cold-weather break. Whether it’s the NFC North, you know, Chicago and Green Bay, they can go to Minnesota in the indoor game and Detroit and play indoors.  Well, all four of our teams are outdoors and Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So they’re all cold weather games so we never really get a break from the cold weather.”

This year, the Steelers have six away games that could be played in cold weather — at Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, New England, the Jets, and Green Bay.  The other two road games will occur at Oakland, and “at” Minnesota in London, in October.

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31 responses to “When schedule comes out, Polamalu looks at December first

  1. He’s being modest. All he focuses on is January, like every other Steeler player, and fan.

  2. Polamalalu is done, way too injury prone in recent years. I cant remember him playing a meaningful game yet alone 3 straight games without an injury.

  3. So true. AFC North is the pinnacle of sports divisions. We are the last element of football that remains untarnished.

  4. come on dude. dallas is the only warm team in the nfc east and none of them complain. I live in dc and its the same weather as bmore…..not too cold at all. Someones not used to the ravens winning the division

  5. When’s his contract up? Sounds like he’s a snowbird. To the desert? Miami? Maybe to Houston to create the greatest safety Tandem ever? To bad it wasn’t 4 years ago when they were not so closely watched by father time, still and interesting thought

  6. “So like, playing outdoors in Green Bay is not too exciting, playing outdoor or indoor in December is always exciting for us cold-weather teams. ”

    I’m so confused right now.

  7. By December he’s usually out with an injury. Great player, but it’s starting to look like the career is over.

  8. Does anyone still want to debate that Ed isn’t better than Troy?

    A playoff team just paid Ed because they believe there is still gas left in his tank. Keep collecting those Head and Shoulders’ residual checks because you’re done Troy…

  9. for all the crap steelers fans and ravens fans give each other we can both agree that they are the best games to watch , they both play the game like it should be played. watch and learn you other 30 teams

  10. You want to come to Miami? According to your other Safety Buddy, Ryan Clark… no one wants to do this? Now players are lining up to join and vastly improved team and live in one of the most desirable places in the US with no State Tax.

    Either way it should be a win for the Fins. We had you 2 years ago and the Refs seriously blew a Rothlesberger fumble in the Endzone! It was as obvious as the Seattle MNF Game this year.

  11. I bet TP rather be defending a superbowl as opposed to an 8-8 record and missing the playoffs entirely. Pittsburgh will not contend. They’ll be lucky to finish 3rd in the division, let alone sniff the playoffs. Cheers!

  12. Steeler fans are facing a period when the other teams in their division are getting younger and stronger while they get old and beat up.

  13. Pittsburgh an Baltimore prove to the NFL that The Superbowl goes through the AFC North. Although we may get on each other, Both teams command respect no matter what their teams look like on paper. Cincinnati is stepping up and becoming a ral force too.

    So I will swallow my pride and say ….Congrats to the Ravens, you represented the AFC North well.

    Maybe someday us fans will respect each other as much as the players do.

  14. just a fan. great post. always nice to hear from good fans. i am a die hard ravens fan but i would be insane to not respect the steelers and their accomplishments. both sides have fans that dont like the other…thats what makes a rivalry. but the lack of respect that comes from both fan bases is borderline nuts. i would love to just discuss football but too often i find myself in “spirited” debates with other steeler fans. anyways thanks for your kinds words and good luck next year. except when its ravens vs steelers…lol

  15. It’s a shame to read the disrespect from some Steeler fans for a future Hall of Fame player who played such a tremendous role in our team’s great successes over the last decade. Yes, he’s coming to the end of his run, as all great athletes do. But that doesn’t change what he’s meant to the team. Better to have been one of the all-time best than a never was that doesn’t appreciate.

  16. yeah your days of having to look and worry aboot december and January pigskin is all but over buddy. colbert made sure of that now i know they are restricted like my favorite soup kitchen “light of life mission” great people. they should dumped all the dead weight at once and reloaded over a year or two span. now they are totally screwed with busted #1’s and drafts period. they refuse to infuse outside besides their own “gay spaeth” so as much as it pains me the stinkies will probably look more like the clowns of the past couple years than the powerhouse we thought they were

  17. I love Troy but the only reason he is looking that far down the schedule is to pick out his sideline gear.

  18. Those of you who can barely put together a coherent sentence really should not criticize anyone, especially someone as accomplished as Troy. Go to school and get a job!

  19. I have been hearing that the Steelers will not make the playoffs for about 15 consecutive years now. How did that work out? Also, all you doubting (bandwagon) Steeler fans should know by now that this team has a history of doing well when there are low expectations, yet disappoint when favored.

  20. There are two types of “Steelers fans”: Those who enjoy watching the TEAM; and those who worship the quarterback.
    Polamalu’s success has caused a lot petty jealousy among the quarterback worshipers over the years. They simply cannot stand it when someone other than their rockstar quarterback is singled out and recognized for his major contributions to the team’s success.
    Polamalu is the most amazing player I have ever seen. The picture at the top of the page illustrates some of his greatness. He’s the only player of the past 10 years who could start for the Steelers of the 1970s.

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