Chip Kelly has Eagles bracing for intense offseason work


Monday is the opening of the Eagles’ offseason work, and players in Philadelphia are bracing for an intense experience under the strength and conditioning staff brought in by new coach Chip Kelly.

One of Kelly’s first acts as the Eagles’ head coach was to hire Shaun Huls, a former Navy SEALS trainer, and give him the title of sports science coordinator. Players on the Eagles haven’t worked out under Huls, Kelly or the rest of the staff yet, but offensive lineman Todd Herremans told that the players are ready to sweat.

It’s going to be very intense, is what I’m expecting,” said Herremans. “But I think that April 2nd, we’re going to start our training sessions, and that is going to be simulating what we’re going to be doing in practice and in the games. It’s going to be pretty intense. Constantly going, you’re going through one drill, and then you’re going to jog to the next one, and then you do that, and then you jog to the next one. So you’re constantly moving, and he’s basically probably going to get us in the best shape of our life.”

Eagles center Jason Kelce said the players have been told to expect up-tempo workouts to prepare them for Kelly’s up-tempo offense.

“I think that part of the reason why is because we’re going to run up-tempo,” Kelce said. “Instead of being able to relax and just kind of walk around the weight room and do your lifts, it’s more at a steady pace where you have a set amount of time rest period. I think the receivers and those guys might be doing a little bit more conditioning. They know they’re in for a lot of running in this offense.”

And a lot of running this offseason.

44 responses to “Chip Kelly has Eagles bracing for intense offseason work

  1. Good for them. Earn your paychecks. If anyone doesn’t like it, cut them. No excuses. If all 53 buy into what Chip is selling them, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Navy seals training aye. Are they going to be doing parachute drops as well?

    Seriously though. I’m lightweight jealous of eagles fans. This should be an exciting brand of football.

  3. Good luck with that Chippy! This isn’t college and when one of your million dollar stars gets hurt or you treat a 10 year vet like a kid, you will lose them. Especially when your gimmick offense isn’t working. He’ll be back in college in 2 years.

  4. If they’re are major injuries during these sessions, the SCC position is going to be hearing from the union.

  5. I’m all for it after watching the Patriots catch a lot of defenses off-guard with their hurry-up offense, which they learned from Chip Kelly. They made Houston look ridiculous in the playoffs.

  6. What’s the difference how hard you work them? If the playes aren’t good enough, you’ll still lose most of your games. I haven’t missed a home game since sometime in the 90’s, but every one of my tix will be online for sale this season, it just isn’t worth the time or money to go down to the Linc and waste a whole afternoon watching them get pounded.

  7. Even All-Pros fall apart when they are tired. I like the idea of…Can you keep up with us? Lets go. Snap the ball.

    How important is conditioning? Ask Jerry Rice.

  8. Other than keeping Vick I like what Kelly is doing and has planned. If nothign else it’ll be interesting.

  9. “Chip Kelly has Eagles bracing for intense offseason work”… Until somone complains to the union and quickly put an end to his well known, fast paced practices.

  10. Love to see the Eagles on Hard Knocks. Would love to see them “ring out” when they can’t handle it.

  11. While I hate the Eagles, and anything “Philly” when it comes to sports, I’m very interested to see what Kelly can do at the NFL level.

    He definitely picked a great team to implement his offense with the speed they have on offense.

  12. Why all this hoopla around a college coach, with no NFL experience? Please let us know something when he wins his first division title….or first game for that matter. 6-10 for Ughagles this year.

  13. As an Eagles fan that got sick of the way Andy ran things years seeing Chip Kelly instill a whole new philosophy is incredibly refreshing.

    Kelly needs to run this team his way for better or worse. I have no idea how it will work out but the Eagles need a fresh start and Kelly is providing it.

  14. I live how u idiots are saying stuff like another disapointing year for the eagles. Seriously where do u get that from this story? If anything this should make the eagles mentally and physically stronger. U look foolish when u hate and trash talk without cause…

  15. “Are they going to be doing parachute drops as well?”

    That’s one way to get them to the end zone. Let’s just hope they can keep from fumbling the ball on the way down.

  16. Think about it for a second: up-tempo = tired defensive players, in addition we have a quarterback who likes to scramble = even more tired defensive players. I get it now Chip wants to turn the offense into a heavy panting marathon. The only flaw on the plan is….wait for it….substitutions. I pray he has a little more to his gamelan.

  17. Chip Kelly will find out very quickly that the offense he ran in college won’t work in nfl. These dudes won’t buy into after a few weeks, and even if they do, they won’t be playing Second tier d-2 schools. They’ll be getting hurt faster now.

  18. As an Eagles fan, I have a lot of doubts about Chip. He’s an unknown and I have no idea what to expect. However, by all accounts he’s a bright guy and my money is riding on his ability to figure out a way to make his system work in the NFL. I think the NFL is about to see a few things they’ve never seen before. I’m not sure what they are, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Getcha popcorn. The show is about to begin.

  19. It’s really interesting to read comments from people who’s collective IQ doesn’t match Kelly’s. Oregon wasn’t loaded with talent but they played like they were. This is a very smart man as the NFL will soon find out.

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