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Report: Bengals, Andre Smith “not close” to new deal


With most of the big-name tackles under contract, one of the biggest of the tackles still has no deal.

Per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals and right tackle Andre Smith are “not close” on a contract.

The Bengals decided in 2011 not to pay an option bonus that would have stretched his first-round contract from four to six years.  Since then, he has played better, but the concern is that, if/when he gets a big payday, he’ll go soft.

Helping the Bengals is that no other team seems to be interested.  Which means that the Bengals at this point need to simply be patient.  Eventually, Smith likely will take whatever the team’s best offer may be.

Smith, by the way, is the last of the unsigned unrestricted free agents in the PFT Hot 100.  Which I must mention at least once per week in order to get my paycheck.

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31 Responses to “Report: Bengals, Andre Smith “not close” to new deal”
  1. reasonablemindsays says: Mar 31, 2013 1:12 PM

    Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles!

  2. barkerd85 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:12 PM

    This guy!!

  3. fraleyr says: Mar 31, 2013 1:14 PM

    I wish I could say I’m surprised but being a bengals fan I have no doubt in my mind Andre will be in a new Jersey next season.

  4. chawk12thman says: Mar 31, 2013 1:14 PM

    I was surprised he was the last of the UFAs on the list……I checked and found that there are plenty of others not signed on that list…….

  5. iansmith559 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:25 PM

    Take a 1 year deal and prove your worth and then break the bank somewhere else!!!!

  6. bigdaddybullwhip says: Mar 31, 2013 1:28 PM

    Should have used the tag on him and worked out a deal with M. Johnson. If we lose him I’m sure he’ll be a load to his new team until his next contract year.

  7. Giantspunk213 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:29 PM

    He better sign before the draft because if Fluker is there when Cincy picks they’re gonna start sending his calls straight to voicemail.

  8. footballfan77 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:34 PM

    This guy is asking for way to much money considering that last season was the first year he was actually good and consistent, i would offer 3 years 16 million plus 2 million sining bonus

  9. classyjacklambert says: Mar 31, 2013 1:35 PM

    Doesn’t matter Steelers own this division.

  10. nathpz says: Mar 31, 2013 1:36 PM

    Yeah, Smith is the last guy in the top ten, but plenty of UFAs remain unsigned.

  11. dwight123 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:38 PM

    Come to Miami Andre,you would be a welcomed addition!

  12. avr29 says: Mar 31, 2013 1:43 PM

    “Smith, by the way, is the last of the unsigned unrestricted free agents in the PFT Hot 100.”

    Alan Branch hasn’t signed anywhere net, neither has Richard Seymour, Mike Jenkins, Dwight Freeney, and about half of the guys on the back end of your Hot 100.

  13. nbooat says: Mar 31, 2013 1:44 PM

    Three mediocre years, 1 good year. Bengals over-payed first 4 yrs…don’t want to make same mistake. Rookies are cheap and are producing. As a bengals fan, I’m indifferent take/leave’em.
    The only opinion that matters is joetoronto’s!!!

  14. oldbyrd says: Mar 31, 2013 1:44 PM

    If he is so good, why is there no interest.?

  15. beelicker says: Mar 31, 2013 1:48 PM

    Probably meant to say top quandrant of gratuitous mention list or something?

    It happens to me these days too. I sometimes find myself trying to and then all the sudden I know that it was only last year that I would’ve reliably recalled the same thing cold just last year, no problem!

  16. beelicker says: Mar 31, 2013 2:06 PM

    A good number of alleged plug & play RTs in the first round(s) to be had for much cheaper is why, if you’re gambling on Smith anyway … model his deal on the other recent OT contract with all the performance incentive$ to max out.

    Mr. Smith’s negotiating leverage is lacking here. A one year prove-it deal & not change systems to have the best chance to shine out?

  17. jdphx says: Mar 31, 2013 2:23 PM

    So make his contract have clauses and stipulations…
    For: weight… performance… snaps played… etc.

    This should not be hard.

  18. lionsmark09 says: Mar 31, 2013 2:53 PM

    He must want a lot. Lions are looking for OT help and noboby is interested. So….

  19. stew48 says: Mar 31, 2013 3:26 PM

    If what you and the commenters are saying about a lack of interest from other teams, the word to describe that is collusion.

  20. icanthelpitimabengalsfan says: Mar 31, 2013 3:59 PM

    For once (ok maybe for the second time…) I am in Mikey Boy Brown’s corner. Lets review:

    He isn’t giving a big fat contract to big fatty so he can go back to the trough as he did in his rookie/2nd/3rd years. He has only one year of production…yes he was good last year. Enuff said…

    MBB didn’t chase Maulaluga and got him back for his number.

    He didnt go big after the old CB’s….he just got the one that mattered back for his number!

    He did spend his money Michael Johnson who at least based on my research understands he’ll get a contract extension this year…until then he’ll have to subsist on ~10M.

    We have lost some good guys…namely for me Skuta was a loss…yeah he didn’t have the combine measurables but all he did was make plays and answer the call when needed.

    My guess and hope is that MBB is going to spend his money on AJ, Geno, Carlos and others that have proven to be worthy of his attention…Big Fatty has a good, market offer on the table he should take it. My guess is that those incentives for weight and other things ARE in this contract and its less than $9M/year. If he can find someone to pay him that much good for him…I think if it was going to happen it already would have.

  21. kvanhorn87 says: Mar 31, 2013 4:35 PM

    If he doesn’t get paid soon, he may be best waiting until after the draft for those who don’t get the tackle they were covering. Lets say the chiefs trade out of 1st, they can then sign him get extra draft picks and still have a top 5 pick.

  22. therealpittbull says: Mar 31, 2013 6:39 PM

    Why are these guys not learning? Get the money while you can. Make the highest deal, sign the contract and roll. Too many vets sitting around begging for a check.

  23. voyager6 says: Mar 31, 2013 6:53 PM

    I wished the Bengals front office had given up on him and taken the money he would have gotten and got a top Safety in FA. That way, they could have traded one need in the draft for another and used the draft to fill the couple remaining holes in the team.

    By waiting so long to wait for Smith, the safety market has dried up and if they abandon Smith, they have to have another wonder year with at least four starters in 10 picks.

    The FO has long held OLine and Safety positions in contempt and feel they can pick up anyone and play at good enough level. Collins, Wharton, or a rookie is likely to make the Oline more unstable than ever, and that will factor into the running game and the willingness of Dalton and Green to re-sign in 2015.

  24. voyager6 says: Mar 31, 2013 6:57 PM

    Smith had a decent year in 2012, but it wasn’t stellar. Look at the last two regular season and the playoff games. Smith was slow and fast pass rushers were eating him up and his run blocking fell off, and he looked like he had put weight on during the season.

    I wouldn’t sign him, if I were GM.

  25. petecarrolmorelikecheatpayroll says: Mar 31, 2013 8:34 PM

    Is this the guy that had those chocolate chip pancake battered titties flappin’ in the wind at the combine a few years back?

  26. nflsecurity862 says: Mar 31, 2013 8:34 PM

    Is this the fat guy that ran at the combine with his shirt off and was a bust?

  27. natijim235 says: Mar 31, 2013 11:34 PM

    this guy is a big mac away from a heart attack

  28. mwindle1973 says: Mar 31, 2013 11:39 PM

    This agency has done great damage to it’s reputation this season, look for several players to jump ship. They really misread the market for their players particularly Long, Vollmer and Smith. Terrence Newman has the same agency too. I agree with Florio and Peter King has given similar comments. No other team has an interest in giving Smith a long term contract. He wanted 9M a year, and Vollmer (most thought he would get the same contract as Smith or slightly more) only got 4.25 per year avg, and a max of 6.75 per year avg if all incentives are met. Smith’s rookie deal was in this neighborhood. He is likely to get a similar incentive laden contract. I have my doubts. He has only managed to start 35 games in 4 years, 16 of them last year. One overlooked fact is the Bengals have Anthony Collins was given a look as a starter by some teams last year before the Bengals locked him up to backup Smith. He’s not going to push people around in the run game like Smith, but some consider him a better pass pro than Smith. I have my doubts about Smith, who didn’t really seem to take his conditioning and focus seriously until the Bengals declined to pick up the final 2 years of his contract 2 years ago. Peter King said he should come with a warning that said something along the lines of big contracts are a hazard to this players ability to play.

  29. joetoronto says: Apr 1, 2013 4:23 AM

    The team, owner and it’s fans are all bush league, a complete joke of a franchise.

  30. changeup39 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:48 AM

    Anthony Collins is much better at pass protection than this lazy bum…and when youve got AJ Green on your team, do you want Collins’ pass protection or Andre’s run-blocking? Pretty obvious answer to me…

  31. tiggerblood says: Apr 2, 2013 10:59 AM

    Naa the draft is too deep at safety to take one early or bring in a pricey vet. This does shake up how they’ll draft though. DJ Fluker has no shot at playing LT EVER so I wouldn’t take him at 21, Menlick Watson is a bit raw but has the athletism to play left but 21 still maybe early for a guy who hasn’t played many years of American football. If Kenny Vaccaro is still there by all means take him and if not trade down if at all possible and stack picks 2-4 and you’ll find a safety, right tackle, running back and a linebacker. Hopefully these so called first round QBs drop and force teams to get antsy and trade up to get them.

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