Browns had one other team interested in McCoy

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If the 49ers fleeced the Chiefs in the trade that sent Alex Smith to Kansas City, the 49ers experienced a minor fleecing of their own in giving up a fifth-round pick and a seventh-round pick to the Browns for quarterback Colt McCoy.

McCoy was the odd man out in Cleveland, destined to be cut if the Browns couldn’t trade him.  Amazingly, the Browns’ front office pulled off a deal for a guy they didn’t want.

It helped that one other team, we’re told, was pursuing McCoy.  If McCoy had been cut, the 49ers would have been behind that team in the waiver order — unless the other team was the Ravens.

And that ended up being the key for the Browns.  The Niners wanted McCoy, who has only three years of NFL service.  To get him, the 49ers had to pull off a trade; otherwise, the other team would have had dibs via the waiver process.

Still, getting anything for a fourth-year player due to make $1.5 million to sit on the bench in 2013 is a bonus for the Browns, who now have one extra selection in the draft and one pick higher than it would have been.

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  1. Given the 49ers front office recent track record I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you. I think McCoy has enough talent to be a top tier backup along the lines of Shawn Hill.

  2. Minor fleecing? The 49ers give up a very late 5th (pick 164) for an early 6th (173 – a drop of 9 spots) and one of their 4 7th round picks for a young, mobile QB much better suited to run their offensive system than Tolzien?

    It’s a 1 year test run of McCoy for roughly a late 7th round pick. What are the odds that pick makes the roster? This way they get the guy they want and don’t have to outbid another team for his services were he to become a FA. Minor is actually a bit of an overstatement.

  3. Not understanding how the Niners got fleeced in a trade that sent a 5th rd pick(164) / a 7th rd ,that would have not made the roster anyway, in exchange for the Browns 6th rounder(173).
    So in reality the Niners move down 9 spots / pick up a decent backup w/ NFL experience for 1.5 million. They still have 13 picks to maneuver around to get quality players. Sounds like Baalke is only getting rid of picks that will be wasted anyway. Smart move.
    Okay, let’s see who the Niners have added so far A. Boldin for a 6th rd pick (6million salary), Colt McCoy for basically a 7th rounder (1.5 million salary), Glenn Dorsey to replace Sopogoa (2 million salary), Greg Dahl/ Darcel McBath(combined 3million salary) for Goldson who got 8 million a yr from the Bucs- a major drop off but will draft a safety , Kicker Phil Dawson(2.2 million) replaces David Akers who was making 3.5 million. I’d say these moves are pretty brilliant by Baalke.
    Word in New York is the Niners are getting a contract together to get restricted free agent WR – Victor Cruz. If his happens, this offense would be lethal. WR – Cruz, Boldin, Crabtree, Mannigham, Kyle Williams and A.J. Jenkins along with Gore, Hunter, LaMichael James, Vernon Davis and Kap….Hope it happens…

  4. Fleecing? The 9ers traded picks that wouldn’t make the roster for a qb they liked in a bad qb market. I hate the 9ers but that was smart business.

  5. The Niners got him for almost nothing and the Browns at least got something for a player they couldn’t or didn’t know how to use.

    Remember,the Niners staff made Alex smith into a serviceable QB in the NFL and then used him to steal 2 high draft picks from the gullible Chiefs. Imagine what Jim Harbaugh and staff can do with a QB with real skills like McCoy if they could raise even alex Smith from the dead !!!

  6. Poor take.

    Way I see it, 49ers used their 5th rounder on a better player (young, solid backup QB w potential) than any that would be available for them on draft day at that spot and improved a 7th rounder to a 6th for their troubles. 49ers did just fine.

  7. As a Cowboys fan, who likes Romo (but not his new contract) and from SF, I was hoping that Jones would have traded Romo and traded for McCoy. Try him out for a couple of years and if it didn’t work draft a QB. I think he is a good, solid player who, with the right weapons would be effective. The Niners made a great move.

  8. It makes me laugh that when teams like the 49ers give up a 5th and 7th round pick for Colt Mccoy the fans say it’s a good deal. But when the Seahawks give a 1st 3rd and 7th for a guy like Percy Harvin it’s a bad deal and people say that a first was more than enough. Does a 3rd round pick and 7th round really make that much of a difference?

  9. Mr Mright 313, I love Colt as person, but he is not a QB. Have you seen him play? He is GREAT at missing receivers. The majority of his completions are check downs. If you like QBs that can short hop receivers than Colt is your man.

  10. How can you say the 49ers were fleeced? They ahve a bunch of picks and a good team- they gave up the SECOND LAST PICK IN THE Draft and moved back 8 spots to the 6th pick of the 6th round from the 31st pick in the 5th round. Odds are against either guy picked in those spots making theteam….

  11. At least the 49ers are going for it, unlike my Bengals who are spending their cap money with an eye on another 10-6, one and done season. SF wants to win, the Bungs want to be competitive. Thanks to MikeyBoy and Coach Giggles.

  12. Misleading by saying the Niners traded a 5th & a 7th for McCoy when in fact the Niners receive a 6th round pick in addition to McCoy.

  13. LOL!!!! I guess the 49ers finally figured out that Pat White was playing for the Miami Marlins and changed there minds about signing him to a contract for him to turn down.

  14. Ya, I don’t think it’s very intelligent to refer to this as a “fleecing” either. I hate the 49ers with every ounce of blood in my body. And believe me, I’d love to see them take it in the shorts on a ill-advised trade, and have it blow up on their faces. Keeping that in mind should only further emboss the severe lack of knowledge displayed in the shoddy article. I don’t really think you can call any trade involving a fifth round or later draft selection any kind of a fleece. Fleecing someone requires swapping next to nothing for something with significant value. This simply did not happen here.
    But wait, something that cannot get lost here, is one proven fact. Colt McCoy is a terrible option at QB. He’s proven to be a untrustworthy starter without leadership qualities of any kind. He’s not a suitable backup either, and if you think he is, then you must not really understand football, or what traits it takes to be a signal caller in the NFL. please do not attempt to make a fool out of yourself by posting his collegiate stats while trying to make a case in supporting him. The difference between successful quarterbacking in college and the pros is so astronomical, the weakest ones get chewed up and spit out, and the weak ones become journeymen second our third stringers before fizzling out.

  15. Buh-Bye Lil Danny! Take your 6-15 record and beat it! Try not to cry the next time you get knocked out. That is, if you can even make their team.

  16. Funny how fans from teams from good teams talk so much crap about how bad the Browns roster is, but when they get that player from them, they think they got a decent deal. Really?.. You’re happy to give up Alex Smith and pick up Colt McCoy? Really? Be honest with yourselves as a fan. Sorry, the Browns win this deal. ANY pick given up for Colt McCoy is a decent job by the Browns front office. There is and was NO market for this guy. Don’t even tell me the 49ers and Ravens were “pursuing” him. No way, not buying it. He’s just not good on the NFL level. I would just love to see the chiefs make the playoffs and the 49ers not even get in because Capernick is out for injury. Then I’ll ask you if you still want Colt McCoy?? Everyone always says “it’s because they play for the Browns”..Really? Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Tim Couch, they all suck. Period… LOL

  17. That team was Seattle. San Francisco not only wanted the player but also wanted to block Seattle from getting him. And maybe they wanted to block Seattle more. Will know if San Francisco ends up cutting him.

  18. themagicman1223 you have showed your lack football knowledge in just a few shorts sentances.. I’m impressed , The difference between a 3rd round and 7th round pic is vast. Rounds 1-3 are the rounds you pick up your starters … a 7th round pick is the guy who might make you practice squad. So basically Seattle gave up two starters for Harvin … Niners gave up two possible practice squad players. If Colt doesnt work out it , its costs us nothing .. If Harvin doesnt work out its a disaster.

  19. McCoy is so good that he basically cost a 7 rounder. If kapernnick goes down your in trouble niner fan. No matter how good your surrounding talent you still have to throw the ball down field and McCoy can’t do that with his noodle arm, we have seen that for 3 years in cleveland.

  20. What’s lost in all this is that the Browns are keeping Weeds and Campbell. Do they watch film in Cleveland? These two are horrible!!!
    There isn’t a coach in the world who can make a decent NFL qb out of this crap.McCoy wasn,t great but he’s certainly better than this crap. Two mistakes on the lake…the Brownies qbs!!

  21. Colt got a raw deal in Cleveland???? I got a raw deal for having to watch that guy try to play QB in the NFL for 21 games. Good riddance.

  22. What you guys fail to realize is that Mr Florio wrote this article and while he runs a great site and publishes many great articles he does not conceal his contempt for San Francisco very well.His articles for 49er stories almost always slant negatively. If perhaps New England had made the same deal then they would’ve been hailed as geniuses and forward-thinking visionaries.While I’m not entirely thrilled yet with the arrival of Colt McCoy I do understand the move. You got a cheap back-up with starting experience and it didn’t cost you much of anything. Teams like SF and Seattle continue to make move after move that improves their teams and are fiscally responsible. This is going to be such an exciting division rivalry. Come on September! Let’s get this season started already! 

  23. A 5th and 7th round pick ISN’T making this 49ers team. They could have given them 5 picks and I wouldnt have cared.

  24. Did people already forget who the QB was when Harbaugh took over? Alex friggin’ Smith! And do these same people really think Kaepernick was all that he’s turned into in such a short time when he was still in college? Maybe Harbaugh has something to do with that. He found something in Smith and Kaepernick and apparently in McCoy as well. Besides, as many have mentioned, the odds of those drafts picks actually making the team are pretty slim.

  25. McCoy was in a bad situation like all the Browns QB’s There is no way to asses his talents until he has receivers that can run sharp routes and actually catch the ball, a running game for support and an OC calling plays suited for this decade and not plays from the ’80’s. So far he has only had the Mangenius and Schurmer. This may be a deal in the making.

  26. For some reason I think that the Seahawks were that other team … Colt McCoy really reminds me of a poor mans Russel Wilson, if you look at there measurables there quite close but Wilson has a much better arm and has had much better talent around him to work with

  27. So what happens now, the never ending conversation begins about how McCoy is in a better situation, with better players around him, and now he’ll show everyone how great he is?

    He won’t have an opportunity to compete, and start in San Francisco, I doubt he’ll even play. McCoy is nothing more than a game manager at best, and nowhere near the game manager Smith was, when he was replaced, while having the best year of his career.

  28. I believe the other team was Kansas City, who was prepared to enter a waiver claim, if and win McCoy was released. I said he would not make it to camp in Cleveland.

    Seattle has no interest in McCoy, he has no value, or upside. At least he can keep Dawson company.

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